Ball State Leans Into Genitalia-Adjacent Name, Announces Hilarious Partnership With Men’s Grooming Company

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Ball State University athletics has a new partnership that couldn’t be a better fit. It’s also hilarious.

Ball State + MANSCAPED = *chefs kiss* (Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ball State, located in Munice, Indiana, has a student population of about 22,000. The public research university was founded in 1918, 104 years ago, by two brothers with the last name, well, Ball.

There is obviously some very low-hanging jokes to be made about the university’s name, tied directly to the sexual innuendo. Surely, every student ever has heard the jokes and it’s simply impossible to escape.

Opposing fans definitely get in all of the quip and make all of the references when the Cardinals hit the road. The Ball State athletes have probably heard them all by now because the Ball jokes are just too easy.

That’s why the university’s newest partnership is so amazing. The Cardinals are leaning into the jokes and cashing-in while doing so.

Ball State announced that MANSCAPED will be the “preferred grooming partner” of university athletics.

It is “ex-sack-tly” what the people asked for, they said. Get it. Ball State. Sack.

The press release did not hold back with the humor.

“Constantly on the hunt for partnerships that align with the identity of the brand, and with an unmatched expertise in balls and ball sports teams, MANSCAPED and Ball State’s fated union was only a matter of time,” it reads. “The Cardinals fly high, and now they’ll experience smoother landings with MANSCAPED by their side.”

Brilliant. Ball State partnered with a company that is used to clean-up and style… the first part of its name. It was meant to be and really couldn’t be funnier.

Whenever the Cardinals take the field or court, MANSCAPED signage will be featured. Hopefully they keep things light and use some creative messaging to keep the fans laughing— which, in turn, will only garner more interest in the product.

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