Baker Mayfield’s Wife, Emily, Calls Out Stephen A.

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Stephen A. Smith may think he can take Max Kellerman and Skip Bayless. But can he take Emily Wilkinson Mayfield, Baker’s wife? Doubt it.

Emily took a shot at the NBA hot-taker, and Stephen A. is yet to respond, which clearly tells us he is afraid.

After Baker’s career game against the Titans, his wife used the moment to troll Stephen A, who claimed no QB has done less with more than her husband. He even used some caps for dramatic effect:

The emojis were the final blow.

Emily then came in with the devastating retweet. Viewer discretion advised:

Stephen A. did acknowledge the QB who has done LESS with MORE than anyone ever had a good game.

“Okay y’all. @bakermayfield is balling right now. 3 TD’s and 186 yards passing and it’s still the first half,” Stephen A. tweets. “He’s doing it right now. Gotta give credit where it’s due.”

Stephen A. Smith, 0. Emily Wilkinson Mayfield, 1.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Remember, this is the same race baiting moron Screamin’ A. who insisted that Dwayne Haskins (now a third-string bench warmer for the Redskins) was running QB — because all black QBs are good runners and ALL blacks vote for DemoKKKrats, of course… otherwise y’ain’t black…

  2. I’ve had a few Run in with the “mauler”. He very clearly has his talking points and is obvious where he stands without critical thinking. Same guy who talks about how great the NBA is doing compared to the NFL and that it is such a “global” game. I’m sorry, I don’t care about how global a game is. It is hardly relevant in the United States anymore with regard to average fans as they have gone off the deep end with social justice messaging and their stances. NFL is not perfect in this but I don’t care that the NBA is “global” in China and has good ratings there now that the NBA has placated the CCP and it is allowed back on TV there.

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