Baker Mayfield Says He Will Stand For National Anthem

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has reversed course and said that the will now stand for the National Anthem, backing off a claim that he made that he would kneel earlier this offseason.

The decision to go back to standing may win him over fans with the blue-collar Browns, Dawg Pound, though it may make him a target of criticism by others as well as the media.

Will the added attention add more pressure to perform for Mayfield? It could a non-factor, or even more difficult to tell. Mayfield was anything but the model of consistency last season.

He as almost a coin flip throwing the football with a 22:21 touchdown-to-INT ratio; so there is clearly an expectation to improve on that.

A more realistic reason to be excited about the Browns is their new emphasis on improving a dismal offensive line. Baker simply had no time to throw the ball last year, partly because the team gave up valuable O-line help to pay for WR’s he wouldn’t have time to throw to.

If you are feeling any sorta way about Cleveland, they have a tasty hook with a +7.5 line against the Ravens tomorrow. Go sign up for an account and get in the action.

If nothing else, it will keep folks from talking about OBJ and his kink levels.

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  1. Glad to hear he plans to stand for the anthem, but its a shame that we are appreciating people for doing what any kindergartener would and should do. I’m ready for a player to come out and say, “I love this country, this country has given me the opportunity to be wealthy beyond my dreams for playing a sport that I love. I am grateful every single day that my family can live in a safe house, in a safe neighborhood, and I want to thank the people who have and continue to risk their lives to keep my family safe.”

    • Robert, you would think there would be a bull rush to say all of that. Instead a 20 million twitter follower LeBron is scared to walk down the street. Not from harm from a criminal but a cop in a car thirsty as F to kill a brown skinned person. They wake up in a bad mood and fix their condition by killing a dark skinned person. I don’t say this lightly (is that racist) but people like LeBron have made this country far more dangerous and if you rot in hell I won’t care or think of you. Sorry.

      • Great stuff, you can just picture those police officers out cruising the night, looking for an LA Laker to shoot dead on the spot. Sitting in their car day dreaming about having their life ruined forever, and serving time in a penitentiary. Surely every police officer dreams of one day getting the chance to live in a penitentiary.

  2. All a player has to say is “I support black lives matter…with a lowercase B. I don’t support the political group Black Lives Matter”. Are there any players with balls to say that? Looking at their website demands…it shouldn’t be too hard to find a current player to call out the BS. Marcellus Wiley will….but he’s retired. Jack Brewer will…but he’s also retired. Are there any current players with a backbone?

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