Baker Mayfield Denies Saying He’s Going To ‘F-ck Up The Browns’ In Week 1

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NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund said that Baker Mayfield mentioned to her over the weekend that he was going to “f-ck them up,” them being the Cleveland Browns, his former team. After Mayfield’s alleged comments made headlines around the country, he’s now saying it never happened.

“I didn’t say it,” Mayfield said when asked about his comment about the Browns.

“Everybody is going to write whatever story that they want. There’s history there, I played there the last four years. I’m an extremely competitive person, everyone knows that. If I wasn’t wanting to win, then there would be a really big issue with me being the quarterback here.”

“That is not how I phrased it, it’s not even what I said, I’ll just leave it at that.”

In other words, Mayfield is claiming that Frelund made her story up.


Frelund shared the nugget about Mayfield during an appearance on the ‘Around The NFL’ podcast. She claimed she spoke to the QB following the Carolina Panthers’ preseason finale.

Frelund said she wished Mayfield luck by telling him to “go kick some butt” in Carolina’s season opener against Cleveland. Mayfield responded, according to her, by saying “I’m gonna f–k them up.”

Now, according to Mayfield, he never said those words. He didn’t say he didn’t speak to Frelund after the game, but that he didn’t phrase whatever he said in the way she portrayed it.

Maybe Mayfield did actually say he was going to ‘f-ck up the Browns,’ maybe he didn’t.

The real story here is that this really isn’t a story either way.

Who cares if a grown man, professional football player said he was going to ‘f-ck up’ his former team in Week 1? That would be on par for Mayfield and his way of expressing that he’s a competitor. After all, there’s some seriously bad blood between him and the Browns.

Written by Mark Harris

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