Bad Boy Patrick Reed Sinks Hole-In-One, Playing Partners Barely React

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You know how I’d react if my buddy sank a hole-in-one this weekend at the course down the road from where I live? I would run up to him and dump my mango White Claw on his head…if the course didn’t have Busch Light like has been the case this summer.

Meanwhile, at the U.S. Open, Patrick Reed strolls up to No. 7, a 162-yard (pitching wedge?) Par 3 and proceeds to drain it. You’d expect a little reaction out of Hideki Matsuyama & Jordan Spieth, but we’re talking about golf’s most hated bad boy (remember, he really hates his parents and might be a cheater) sinking the ace and Hideki really isn’t feeling it. Spieth smiles a little bit, but you know inside his head he was hoping Reed would shank it into the one-foot-high rough and struggle for double.

I have more bad news for you guys. Justin Thomas is leading at -4 through 11 holes. That’s right, the course is playing too easy. I know my new coworker Club Pro Guy woke up this morning hoping to watch the punch-out game and guys struggle for bogey. It’s not happening. Even Tiger is draining birdies, going back-to-back-to-back on 9, 10 & 11.

Buckle up, it’s U.S. Open weekend mixed with football. It’s going to be a wild one out there.

Here’s a golfer you guys like tearing up Winged Foot. 9 & 10 just giving up birdies left and right:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • Reed has a long history of cheating. The reason most pro’s hate him is because they play the game with integrity. Lumping everyone together as cheaters is no different than saying all cops are racist. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were trying to be funny. If not, you’re a fool.

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