Avril Lavigne Curses Off Topless Protester During Awards Speech

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“She said see ya later!”

Avril Lavigne was not taking kindly to a topless protester that interrupted her stage time during last night’s Juno Awards.

“Get the f*** off, bitch,” the Sk8er Boi singer exclaimed as the audience erupted into laughter and cheers.


Lavigne was getting ready to introduce rapper AP Dhillon at the Edmonton, Canada music award show when suddenly a protester dropped their shirt and began parading around on stage wearing a bright pink hat and some sort of pink spacesuit-like-pants.

Additional video footage shows a security guard just standing there a few feet away but I guess he was too mesmerized by the person’s rack to actually ya know, do anything about it. This made Avril Lavigne take matters into her own hands by simply telling her to get the hell off stage.

The activist was promoting something related to indigenous land rights. Fortunately, they didn’t come across like a total unhinged lunatic screaming and ranting and didn’t escalate it into a dangerous situation, ya know, minus the whole crazy part of deciding to interrupt an awards show by being topless.

Still, definitely a bizarre situation that security didn’t do anything, especially because everyone is still freaking out about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at last year’s Oscars.

Afterwards, Avril sent out a tweet thanking fans for helping her win the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award. She also joked by adding, “Get the f*** off bitch!” at the end of her tweet.

Looks like Avril now has an idea for her upcoming merchandise and even a future song title!


If only the protester decided to sing along rather than dance around, it could have went much better. I mean, it did for me 20 years ago when I saw Avril at Good Morning America;

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