Australian Woman Gets Stuck In Trash Bin During Night Out

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A night out rarely goes exactly as planned. Especially if that night out involves alcohol. There are just too many variables at play and unexpected detours tend to pop-up when you least expect it.

That’s exactly what happened to an Australian woman in Surfers Paradise, Queensland this week. Her unexpected detour left her with her feet in the air and her body stuck inside of a trash bin on the sidewalk.

Australian Woman Gets Stuck In Trash
Woman stuck in the trash looking for her phone (Image Credit: 9News Gold Coast/Twitter)

The woman, described as club-goer, was enjoying a night out with her friend when she accidentally threw her phone away. Instead of cutting her losses and continuing with her night out, she decided to dive in headfirst to retrieve the phone.

Video of the woman with her feet hanging out of the dumpster was taken by a man who would eventually help the woman out of her unusual situation.

As he approaches the scene he asks, “What the hell is going on here?”

The woman’s friend can be seen standing next the the trash bin laughing at her. The friend is then heard asking, “No wait, did you find it or no? Did you find it or no?”

After all of that she was able to find her phone, right? That part remains a mystery. The case of the woman getting stuck in the trash looking for her phone may never be solved.

This Woman’s Situation Is A Good Sign For Australia

The comment section, expectedly, enjoyed this woman’s predicament. Several pointed out that this sort of thing isn’t all that surprising on the Gold Coast.

One commenter joked, “It was just part of an “authentic experience” promotional video enticing people back to the Gold Coast.”

“Normal night in Surfers Paradise,” another added.

A third said, “Waste or wasted….. says it all.”

I agree with all of them. This version of Australia is a much better one compared to the COVID lockdown, insane quarantine camp, version. A woman stuck in the trash is just another sign that nature is healing.

Written by Sean Joseph

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