Australian Mia Chloe Has A Problem With American Flags Flying…In The United States, Tells Americans ‘Let’s Stay Humble’

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You tell ’em, Mia Chloe.

The Australian TikTok wannabe superstar has apparently deleted her account after posting a video where, while on American soil, she told Americans they fly too many American flags…on their property.

And now she’s going viral. Like crazy viral, but it came with a cost. Her account is gone and she’s missing out on all the ‘Likes’ and everything that comes with going viral.

“There are too many American flags,” Chloe said on her account that was titled @MeanderWithMia.

“Like they’re on houses, they’re on cars… I think I can draw the American flag from memory. The only time I think I’ve ever seen an Australian flag is on the Harbour Bridge. Could not tell you what it looks like … It’s enough, let’s pull back on it okay. Let’s stay humble.”

The “let’s stay humble” line is an all-timer from Mia Chloe. It’s like Ms. Chloe is some NFL beat writer telling a wide receiver who runs a 4.2 40 that he should stay humble after smoking some slow defensive back for a 70-yard bomb.


Stay humble?

And who anointed Mia the Stay Humble Queen of the United States?

Stay in your lane, girlfriend.

BTW, if you’re over on Instagram, the Meander With Mia over there says she’s not the Australian Mia and she’d like people to know this Mia is actually a proud American who is meandering in Australia.

Instagram Meandering with Mia speaks up about TikTok’s Meandering with Mia:

Now let’s see how Americans are reacting to Mia Chloe’s message about flying too many flags:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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