Australia Grocery Store Brawl Includes Mom Handing Off A Baby To Join The Fisticuffs

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Well, well, well…what do we have here from Australia?

You know how people from around the world like to say Americans are the scum of the earth and how they never act like ugly Americans and how Americans are filthy animals giving the rest of the world a bad name?

(They’re sometimes right.)

And then along comes a moment like this in New South Wales, Australia where we have a vicious fight in what looks like the soft drink aisle at a Woolworths grocery store. Wait, but there’s more! We have a woman handing off a baby to some man to join the fight!

The baby is handed off. / 9 News Australia

But wait, there’s EVEN MORE…the guy with a mullet who was handed the baby then hands the baby off himself and HE JOINS THE FIGHT.

What in the Kentucky is going on here, folks?

Let’s go to the action:

Now, because this is Australia and this stuff never happens in Australia, Woolworths came out with quite a statement.

“There’s no place for violence like this anywhere in our community,” the company said.

That’s understandable.

Now comes the real fun.

We’re offering team members who witnessed it access to counseling services, and we continue to assist police with their inquiries.”

You’re offering your workers counseling because there was a fight in your store?


And how exactly is China going to defend itself if China sends a few destroyers to town like the news has been hyping up?

It might not be the worst thing ever that Australia’s getting a little bit of redneck Kentucky into its bloodstream.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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