Texas A&M Grad, Meteorologist Throws Massive Shade At Longhorns, As Alabama Rolls Into Town

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The rivalry between Texas A&M and Texas is a feisty one, with both fanbases loathing the other, which makes for some fantastic trash talk. This was the case Thursday morning with one meteorologist.

Avery Tomasco, a weatherman for CBS-Austin, is an A&M graduate and decided to have a little fun with the game-time conditions report for the upcoming Alabama vs. Texas game this weekend. Mind you, the rivalry between the Aggies and Longhorns will pick back up on the field in a few years when Texas enters the SEC.

This post is straight savage and I absolutely love it. This rivalry holds no boundaries and the local meteorologist in Austin is most certainly throwing shade at his local viewers. Also, I’d make sure to checkout his mentions, as he is certainly having a good time soaking up hate from Longhorn fans.

Texas enters this game as 20 point underdogs to the Crimson Tide’, with Nick Saban and Bryce Young rolling into Austin in hopes of destroying any type of hope Texas fans might have about this game.

We all know what’s at stake, with Steve Sarkisian looking for his signature win, while Alabama looks to embarrass the Longhorns at home. It also doesn’t help that Alabama’s ‘Million Dollar Band’ was shunned of enough tickets to bring the entire crew, so they’re staying at home, which has upset some folks in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama Not Bringing The ‘Million Dollar Band’ To Texas Game

But having the guy who you turn to for your weather reports throw twitter bombs against his local viewers is next level, which we are all here for. Bring on the pettiness of the Aggies and Longhorn rivalry, even when they aren’t playing.

Casey Thompson #11 of the Texas Longhorns

I can’t wait for Texas to finally join the SEC and we get to watch these two teams play on a regular basis.

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  1. Bama will put the hurt on the Longhorns. I don’t expect Sark to last through this season without some harsh criticism by the rich boosters in Texas, because they donate a lot of money and expect much better teams than TX was last year.

    Meanwhile, anyone who beats Texas is my new third favorite team. I can’t watch the game, though, because Arkansas plays at the same time, but I can visit the bama-TX game during the endless commercials.

    I don’t like either of these teams, but we can never forget here in Arkansas how Texas beat us on a drive at the end of the game that included two clips on their part in the Game of the Century, December 1969, two undefeated teams, and they’re just obnoxious. I don’t blame bama for leaving the band at home.

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