Auburn Staffer Ignores Bruce Pearl’s Warning, Farts In Dead Sea

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Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl tried to warn his players and staff about farting in the Dead Sea prior to their trip to Israel. Pearl passed along the knowledge to his team based on his own experience.

“The guys will get a chance to go to the lowest place on earth and float and hopefully they’ll be smart enough not to splash or fart because either one of them can be painful.”

For the most part Bruce Pearl’s team listened to his words of wisdom. But as in any group you always have at least one that has to find out for themselves.

The group that traveled with the Auburn Men’s Basketball team is no different. At least one person in that group attempted it.

Some things in life aren’t worth attempting, this is one of them

It wasn’t a Tigers player, but an Auburn staffer, who found out the hard way that Coach Bruce Pearl was telling the truth when he warned not to fart in the Dead Sea.

Auburn Director of Communications, Marlene Navor, posted a video on Twitter saying that Pearl was right to warn about letting gas go in the heavily salted waters.

Navor said in the video, “Auburn Twitter, Coach was right. It’s true. Don’t do it.” She makes it seem as if she had firsthand knowledge of how painful the experience can be.

You don’t have to tell me twice not to attempt this one. I’ll take the word of those who made the painful discovery on their own.

Written by Sean Joseph

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