Bruce Pearl Warns His Team Farting In The Dead Sea Will Have Consequences

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Veteran college basketball coach Bruce Pearl has one piece of sage advice for his players ahead of their upcoming Israel trip that will have the team visiting the Dead Sea.

Don’t fart.

Trust Bruce.

“The guys will get a chance to go to the lowest place on earth and float and hopefully they’ll be smart enough not to splash or fart because either one of them can be painful,” the coach said this week during a media appearance.

“It’s not a good experience. I didn’t believe them so I thought I’d go ahead and try it. Nah,” Pearl added.

Now, the Internet isn’t exactly loaded with content associate with farting in the Dead Sea, but if we go all the way back to 2011, SI swimsuit model Bar Refaeli showed up in a TMZ headline, but there’s no context because TMZ teased it as you had to watch the TV show to find out what happened to Bar.

Bar Refaeli farting Dead Sea

On an Israeli travel site, Dead Sea tips includes such insight as avoid getting water into your eyes because “the water is 10-15 times more salty than ocean water.”

Also, don’t get water into your mouth. Don’t pee. Don’t fart. “Orifices tend to begin burning if they’re left long enough in the water of the Dead Sea and this speeds up that process,” Rotem Guide warns.

Another tip from the local pros is to avoid shaving 24 hours before taking a dip. And don’t wear jewelry into the water for obvious reasons.

Auburn leaves Saturday. Good luck, everyone.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I haven’t seen analytics published here, but I bet more people come for Joe’s articles than anyone but Clay’s. It’s a platform for diverse interests, with sports as the general glue.

    And I set the over under on the guys who will now try to fart in the Dead Sea at 90%!

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