A Bird Bringing Luck To The Auburn Tigers In Omaha Actually Make Sense

Sometimes you try to find some luck in all kinds of ways, today it might’ve been a bird that made its way into the Auburn dugout. We’ve seen teams use different props in the dugout to energize teams, but the small bird that found a home next to a few Auburn players could’ve been the luck they needed.

Now, we can neither confirm or deny that the small bird had been in the dugout before Auburn scored four runs in the 6th inning, but judging by the size of it, it’s possible. It was during 8th inning of the ESPN broadcast that the small flying friend was noticed, with a few players trying to either feed it or give it water. But there’re no telling what kind of voodoo was put on Stanford, especially with Auburn being represented by the bird’s friend, in the flying eagle.

It’s not ‘War Eagle’ for nothing.

The NCAA Baseball account did say that the bird was being cared for, after sitting in the sunlight for a while. Yes, this happened.

Either way, Auburn players were taking care of the little fella and they came away with the win. I don’t particularly know what types of rules there are in Omaha about keeping a ‘Rally Bird’ in the dugout during he game, but at least the players had a little fun with the notion.

Auburn pitcher Trace Bright said he was just enjoying his front-row seat with the dugout companion.

“They were playing, so I was over there, front-row seat with the bird. Somehow it managed to find its way into our dugout. Maybe a little rally bird or something. But it did seem to work for us.”

It’s the small things in Omaha that can spark a team. Maybe it was a tiny bird that did it for the Tigers.

War Eagle?

Written by Trey Wallace

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