Attorney For Deshaun Watson Accusers: ‘They Won’t Go Away’

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HOUSTON — The attorney for the two dozen female massage therapists that sued Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, alleging sexual harassment and other abuse, is attending Sunday’s game with the woman and vows they won’t “go away quietly.”

“The women who are attending this game requested to do so,” attorney Tony Buzbee said in a statement provided to OutKick. “Because they made the request, we facilitated that for them and will attend with them.

“The women who are attending this game thought it important for Deshaun Watson, the NFL, and the public know that they are still here. They exist. They matter.  And they won’t go away.

“Although it would be convenient for Watson and the NFL for these women to go away quietly, they won’t do so.”

Deshaun Watson makes his Browns regular season debut today vs. Houston. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images).

A reported 10 of Watson’s victims were scheduled to attend Saturday’s game between the Browns and Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. It is unclear what Buzbee may have in mind beyond showing up to Sunday’s game.

He had scheduled a Zoom interview with OutKick from his suite at the stadium but an assistant said he was having internet connection issues and would not be available.

Watson is starting his first regular-season game for the Browns on Sunday afternoon after serving an 11-game suspension for violating the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.

Watson has not played a regular-season game since he started for the Texans in January of 2021. Sunday’s start will be his first in 700 days.

This is a sparsely attended game by Texans fans. The club is 1-9-1 and folks in Houston are finding other things to do than watch that.

But a good number of Browns fans are already in the stadium and Watson signed autographs for some of them before the game.

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  1. The NFL is an organization who celebrates Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Ben Rothesberger, Adam Jones, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Vick, and OJ Simpson.
    There’s murderers, didn’t list all of them, rapists, domestic aggrivated assault, and drug distributers.
    I’ve stopped watching this product. The league disrespects middle class Americans even as attending a game becomes financially impossible for that same middle class family to attend.
    The league has labeled white people as guilty of racism utilizing a very wide brush.

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