NAACP to Pressure AT&T to Sever Ties with OANN

Recent court findings revealed how AT&T has been funding One America News Network almost entirely alone. The findings show that 90% of OANN’s revenue comes from a contract with AT&T-owned television platforms, including DirecTV. According to OANN founder Robert Herring Sr., AT&T executives came up with the idea to launch OANN in 2013. In other words, even though AT&T is CNN’s parent company, it was also behind the furthest-right cable network’s initial existence. How does that work?

Following the report, we knew some organizations would pressure AT&T to sever ties with OANN. And it took less than two weeks.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) plans to meet with AT&T on Thursday and pressure the company to drop OANN immediately. The NAACP’s released statement even used the word “immediately.” Meaning, the NAACP is serious. AT&T better cut ties with OANN fast.

“NAACP President Derrick Johnson will be meeting with AT&T leadership tomorrow, October 21st. The meeting will focus on the need for AT&T to drop OAN immediately,” the NAACP said in a Wednesday release.

“AT&T is directly supporting efforts that undermine our democracy and suppress our right to vote. It’s reprehensible.”

Johnson adds he is “outraged.”

“We are outraged to learn that AT&T has been funneling tens of millions of dollars into OAN since the network’s inception. As a result, AT&T has caused irreparable damage to our democracy. The press should inform the American public with facts, not far-right propaganda and conspiracy theories.”

So does AT&T have the backbone to stand up to the NAACP? Doubtful. If I were to guess, AT&T will soon cave and drop OANN from DirecTV’s cable packages, thus sinking OANN’s linear reach.

AT&T told The Hill that company executives look forward to meeting with the NAACP and hearing its concerns.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Curious what is the NAACP afraid of by having OANN available to folks? It is freedom to be able to choose which news network to follow. I have never even turned on OANN and that’s my choice. I don’t like plenty of music especially as it related to what my kids listen to, so instead of trying to ban Cardi B, Meghan Theee Mare errr Stalion, Mylie Cyrus, etc I just turn it off. Simple, NAACP just turn it off and move on to important things like urban crime, childhood hunder/poverty, job training or education for example. Yet in their simple minds they are advancing for colored people by trying to force AT&T to change its programming. Lame.

  2. The NAACP has become a joke. They are led by left wing racists who, if your opinions differ from their social justice, CRT crap, they want to cancel you. Same with the ACLU. Left wingers who no longer support free speech unless it aligns with their Marxist, bigoted views.

  3. The problem with the position the NAACP is taking here is that the premise for their stance is based on a lie.

    “AT&T is directly supporting efforts that undermine our democracy and suppress our right to vote. It’s reprehensible.”

    Who exactly is being denied the right to vote in 2021? Be a citizen. Be at least 18 years old. Bring verification of identity. Shit really isn’t that difficult.

  4. All of you still think America is a free country where people want choice. Yes, a lot still do, but we are becoming more totalitarian by the day and right or wrong, AT&T will fold to the woke pressure and OANN will be another conservative outlet eliminated like Parlor was.

    • “All of you” still think America is free (?)

      umm… no sir. There is a sizable chunk of the right that understands what is taking place. The trouble is that people on the right are angry – as we should be. But we don’t know how to ‘organize.’ And we sort of resent that notion because ‘organizing’ is generally a practice employed by the left. But the hour is late. We had better figure something out before the clock strikes 0:00

  5. liberals are to fucking stupid to play the tape out and see how this ends. Communism–the state tells you what is or isn’t acceptable with zero regard for truth. Ass Clowns–my apologies to actual working clowns.

  6. The NAACP feels that a poltical viewpoint that differs from their views is damaging to the democracy. That’s certainly a stretch. I remember a time when everyone thought that free speech was an important aspect of our society.

    Given there are dozens of cell service providers that match ATT’s prices, it would be pretty easy to move our services.

  7. Who the fuck cares what the NAACP thinks? They hate everything on the right and everybody that`s white. Typical. They`re all about “freedom of speech” until you don`t agree. Got a problem, play the victim card. That`s how they, BLM and the rest of these sorry ass groups work. I hope AT&T has a spine, but probably not. They`ll probably just take the knee and suck the black dick like the rest of the white guilt.

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