Asylum Seekers Are Actually Seeking Luxury Hotels: Tomi Lahren

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Ya know when they say the inmates are running the prison and the psychos are running the asylum, well, the illegals are running the USA thanks to the imbeciles running the government and I’ve had about enough, and you should too.

It’s time for final thoughts.

Well folks, would you look at that, so-called asylum seekers are protesting on the streets of New York City after being evicted from their tax-payer funded luxury hotel rooms.

Of course they don’t want to leave their cushy Hells Kitchen and Times Square pads complete with room service and amenities to go where they should’ve been sent all along, a migrant center in Brooklyn.

That’s not lux enough for people who claim they had to flee to the USA due to the oppression, death, despair and threat to life they faced in their home countries.

Yeah, asylum-seekers MY ASS!

And keep in mind, most of these illegals being asked to leave are adult males who were given free rooms at the $300-per-night Hells Kitchen “Watson” hotel.

Well they refused to vacate – because that’s how entitled and emboldened they are- and instead are choosing to protest outside of the hotel joined by so-called “migrant activists.”

Well, here’s an idea “activists,” why don’t you house their asses?! Take one for the cause, for the social justice team!

Or here’s another idea, there are plenty of wealthy celebrities in NYC that fancy themselves social justice activists and immigration supporters.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I’m waiting to find out because all of these states that have sent us folks because they’re mad that people don’t come directly to New York. They’re mad that they’re coming by bus. All these states get money. I don’t understand why Texas isn’t sharing some of that money…If you’re gonna do that, that’s where I would go for them. Colorado, listen. I know you sent all these folks. Maybe you didn’t realize, but you need to send some cash. You’re going exactly now what you’re accusing the federal government of not doing. You’re doing the same thing. I want to see someone say, ‘Hold up. Either we all take this money and we give it to all the states and people deal with it because everybody’s getting it, or you’re not gonna get it and we’re gonna have a big fight. There’s gotta be an adult in the room and my concern is that there isn’t and there isn’t going to be one for some time.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 01: Whoopi Goldberg is seen leaving “GMA” on November 1, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

How bout it, Whoopi?! Got some room in your pad for these downtrodden, able-bodied, illegal immigrant adult males?! I’m sure Joy Behar does!

OR OR, would that be a freakin safety risk for you?

NEWSFLASH, how do you think the good-paying customers of these luxury hotels feel being forced to room next to largely unvetted and certainly undocumented illegals from around the freakin world?!

They had to pay drug cartels to get over here so as to suck off American taxpayers but now the conditions at the migrant center aren’t good enough.

Maybe the solution to end all of this is to send em to Steph Curry’s neighborhood in Atherton, California

This whole thing would be over real quick!

Oh, but here’s NYC “law and order” Mayor Eric Adams assuring y’all that these illegals are being treated like the American “dreamers” he thinks they are.

ERIC ADAMS: It doesn’t matter if Ellis island or the Brooklyn Cruise terminal or it’s any of our ports. It is all rooted in the American Dream. You pursue the dream here, and when you meet someone like Wilson, you walk through. I just had to come here when I started hearing all the rumors that it was too cold, my brother got on shorts. It’s warm inside. About the food not being there, you know healthy food is present. Even the snacks are healthy.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – 2023/01/29: Mayor Eric Adams attends House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries 2023 community inauguration at Brooklyn Technical School. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Well shoot Eric, that crisis center isn’t a 4-star hotel but it sure looks a hell of a lot more cushy than the benches homeless veterans are sleeping on in parks in the dead of winter.

This is all so infuriating. It really is.

You know our country is being run by total imbeciles when illegal immigrants feel emboldened to demand luxury stays in fancy hotels! Asylum-seekers MY ASS! Deport NOW!

Those are my Final Thoughts. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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