Nebraska Athlete Ashley McElmurry Joins Jess Gardner As The Latest Online Star

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Nebraska is apparently stacked with content machines, and the latest is Ashley McElmurry.

As OutKick readers know, Cornhuskers track and field star Jess Gardner has become a bit of a star on the internet. Over the past couple weeks, her following on TikTok has absolutely exploded.

Once OutKick discovered her, it was off to the races and her profile has shot up. Is she the next Olivia Dunne? Only time will tell.

What we now know is she’s hardly the only star down in Lincoln.

Ashley McElmurry might be another content sensation.

McElmurry is also a rising star in her own right, and currently boasts just north of 131,000 TikTok followers.

Ashley McElmurry is turning into an online star. (Credit: Screenshot/TikTok Video

What kind of content is she giving her massive following? Nothing too crazy. In fact, the junior Nebraska jumper is very similar to Gardner in what she posts on TikTok.

Having said that, her fans clearly love it and several of her videos have gone viral.


When the hotel has a full length mirror👏🏻 #gbr #huskers

♬ Originalton – light3dits

Meet day, let’s run it back 🔄❣️#gbr #huskers

♬ Originalton – CENKGO

What the hell is going on in Lincoln?

It might sound crazy to say, but something is clearly cooking in Lincoln. At least, it’s cooking in the track and field program.

Nebraska football hasn’t been relevant for a decade. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it’s true. Could Matt Rhule elevate the program? Sure, but until it happens, it’s just blind hope.

You know where Nebraska is actually cooking with gas? Wherever McElmurry and Gardner are at. It’s one hell of a tag-team duo.

These two might be Nebraska’s last shot at relevancy. Godspeed to both of them. It certainly looks like we’ve found a pair of new internet stars. At least someone is winning in Nebraska!

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