Army Unveils Awesome Uniforms For Navy Game With Incredible Backstory

Army will rock some insane uniforms against Navy.

The Army/Navy game is one of the most historic rivalries in all of sports, and unique uniforms honoring American heroes has become a huge feature of the game.

This year, the Black Knights will wear threads honoring the 1st Armored Division and the contributions the men of the division made during WWII.

Army wrote the following about the meaning behind the uniforms:

The 2022 Army-Navy Uniform tells the story of the soldiers of the 1st Armored Division during World War II. This year marks the 80th anniversary of Operation Torch and the commencement of American ground operations against Axis forces in the European theater, which included North Africa. Operation Torch marked the 1st Armored Division’s entry into the crucible of combat. The resilience, grit, and commitment demonstrated by the soldiers ultimately resulted in the defeat of Axis forces in North Africa. In the harsh desert against a determined enemy, the members of the 1st Armored Division were forged into ‘Iron Soldiers’ and learned the lessons that would guide them to success in subsequent operations in Italy and Western Europe.

These uniforms absolutely ooze and drip patriotism and general badassery that we all know is a feature of our big and beautiful military.

When it’s time to roll, you can bet the house the Army and all our other branches will kick in the teeth of whoever needs to get it.

Army will wear incredible uniforms honoring WWII heroes against Navy. (Credit: Army Football/Twitter)

There’s no greater fighting force in the world. That’s just a fact, and if you don’t like it, I hear Pyongyang is lovely this time of year. Book a ticket, get on a plane and never return if you hate our service members.

WWII was an absolute brutal war that featured destruction never-before-seen in the history of warfare. It was a horrific situation, and when the world cried out for help, who answered? The United States of America.

Our military got down to business and crushed the Axis Powers. The 1st Armored Division played a huge role in setting the tone, and once we got a foothold in the European theater, America never looked back.

Army unveils awesome uniforms for the game against Navy. (Credit: Army Football/Twitter)

The Army/Navy game is an example of American exceptionalism.

Furthermore, the Army/Navy game represents everything that we love about America. For one Saturday in December, the eyes of the college football world are on the USA’s two most prominent service academies. The game doesn’t feature many NFL players. Sometimes, there’s not a single guy on the field who will sniff the NFL.

However, both rosters are made up of men who will wear a very important uniform once they graduate: the uniform of the United States military. Everything about the game is great. From the pageantry to the triple option offenses, it’s all awesome.

Army will wear uniforms honoring the 1st Armored Division against Navy. (Credit: Army Football/Twitter)

These uniforms from Army will just be the cherry on top. Props to the Black Knights for bringing some serious heat.

Written by David Hookstead

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