Army Basketball Players Receive Branch Assignments, Bob Stoops Is Back & The Steelers 2020 Cakewalk

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Fair warning, I’m skipping out on you guys Saturday morning

Facebook isn’t completely worthless these days. It’s where I learned Wednesday that Michigan International Speedway is holding its MIS Cares Charity Track and Toy Drive event Saturday. People who donate a toy will be allowed to drive five laps around the two-mile track “at highway speeds.” The toys will be donated to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots campaign and distributed throughout communities around the track.

If you guys don’t know by now, I’m into unique bucket list experiences. Driving my family around the track in my wife’s minivan just rocketed up the list. Get harnessed in, kids. We’re gonna go racin’! I’ve driven across the MIS track to exit races from the infield before, but I’ve never had the experience of driving my boys around the track while cranking a Christmas playlist. Trust me, I’m pumped for this. You give me the chance to drive on the track where A.J. Foyt nearly lost his arm during the Michigan 500, and I’m taking you up on that opportunity. You give me the chance to feel rubber against pavement where Jeff Gordon turned a 206 mph qualifying lap in 2014, I’m in. David Pearson had nine wins on that track. We’re talking history here.

It’s where Michael Waltrip punched Lake Speed for not giving up a piece of the track during the Miller Genuine Draft 400 of 1995. I’ll be thinking about all those moments as I wrap the moneymakers around the wheel. The hair on my arms will be standing at attention when the Goodyears start rolling off of pit lane. Damn right I’m going to fuel up at Sunoco before making the 60-mile trek to MIS. This is going to be memorable, and it’s for a great cause. I can’t wait.

• As someone who can’t stand the Steelers because Mike Tomlin’s such a good coach and they win, I hate to see Bud Dupree go down with a torn ACL. It feels like whenever I turn on a Steelers game, Dupree is coming off the edge and causing a fumble or some sort of chaos.

• Did you see the news out of San Francisco? The city has banned smoking cigs in apartments, but feel free to get blazed all you want. I’m thinking the same thing, who in the hell is enforcing that?

• I highly recommend looking to see if you have any old Pokemon cards laying around. Goldin Auctions believes it has a card that could go for $500k. It’s the gold rush out there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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