Arkansas Thinks Winning Liberty Bowl And Going 7-6 Is Worthy Of A Ring

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Arkansas is apparently incredibly proud of last season.

The Razorbacks finished the regular season 6-6 and beat 6-6 Kansas in the Liberty Bowl to close out the year 7-6.

It was by all metrics and measurements a very average year. By definition, when you’re around .500, you’re average. In America, being mediocre doesn’t generally get rewarded.

Well, that is unless you’re a member of the 2022 Arkansas Razorbacks team.

Arkansas unveils rings for winning the Liberty Bowl.

The Razorbacks aren’t just happy with going 7-6, but are so happy the team will get rings for beating a .500 Kansas team in the Liberty Bowl.

Nothing says having high expectations as a program like rewarding finishing one game above .500.

Arkansas fans should demand better.

It’s one thing for a traditionally terrible program to celebrate being average and winning a meaningless bowl game.

For example, Kansas had its best season since 2008. If they want to take a lot of pride in winning six games and finishing the regular season .500, go for it.

The Jayhawks have been a joke traditionally. Arkansas is an SEC program. While the Razorbacks have suffered some rough seasons over the past decade, expectations should be much higher.

Arkansas is apparently impressed with going 7-6 and winning the Liberty Bowl. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Arkansas won nine games back in 2021. It’s not like the Razorbacks haven’t recently tasted success. That’s why rewarding a 7-6 season is such a bizarre move.

You think Alabama would be pumped if the team finished 7-6? Fans would be calling for Nick Saban to be fired, and he’s the greatest coach in college football history.

Arkansas unveiled a ring for winning the Liberty Bowl. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

A program’s attitude is a direct reflection of expectations. Apparently, expectations aren’t all that high in Fayetteville. That’s simply not the spirit that put a man on the moon and won consecutive World Wars!

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