Arizona, Arizona State Mascots Trade HUGE Haymakers As Boxing Match Breaks Out During Rivalry Football Game

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Neither Arizona nor Arizona State football will reach bowl eligibility this season, but that didn’t take any heat away from their rivalry game on Friday afternoon. The deep-rooted hatred amongst rivals continued to run deep and the bad blood spilled onto the sideline, though all in good fun. Kind of.

It also included some not-so-fun fighting to end the game.

Before the players went to blows, so did the mascots.

Sparky the Sun Devil and Wilbur Wildcat threw hands and traded BIG haymakers. The fight was set up beforehand, but it led to a wild progression as the game continued to be played on the field.

Midway through the third quarter, ASU trailed Arizona by three. The Sun Devils, led by quarterback Trenton Bourguet, drove down the field and punched it in for the lead.

However, just moments before they found pay dirt, punches started flying on the sideline.

Arizona State and Arizona arranged a mascot fight.

Wilbur and Sparky strapped on the boxing gloves and started going at each other. While it was supposed to be a fun, entertaining fight between two in-state foes, it was very clear that neither person wearing either of the mascot suits was interested in a friendly exchange.

Rather, they were both out for mascot blood.

Eventually, after Wilbur caught a vicious right hook that spun his head back the wrong way, both cheerleader squads — who were losing their minds over the fight — grabbed their respective mascots and pulled them way. Though that didn’t stop them from chucking knucks as they were separated.

Meanwhile, just a few hundred feet away, Arizona State found the end zone. It led to a crazy sequence of events.

Although Sparky landed the most vicious punch of the short-lived fight, Wilbur also connected on some strong punches and the two were trading big shots. A winner was not declared, but Arizona State likely would’ve come out ahead on the scorecards.

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