Aries Spears Catches Heat For Trashing Lizzo, Says ‘She Looks Like The Sh*t Emoji’

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A clip of comedian Aries Spears trashing singer/songwriter/rapper Lizzo for being overweight has received a ton of attention on social media. The comments were not well received across most platforms.

Spears sat down for an interview with The Art Of Dialogue and was asked about Lizzo’s music by the interviewer. The comedian instead decided to immediately make fun of her weight. And he pulled no punches.

“I can’t get over the fact she looks like the shit emoji. She’s a very beautiful girl. She’s got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off. C’mon man,” he said.

Spears takes a moment to point out that he isn’t exactly in the best shape either. He also points out that he has enough going for him that he’s doing alright with the ladies.

He then said of Lizzo, “But a woman that’s built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble. She’s dope. Her music’s hard, her body ain’t.”

“You know what kills me about women? The hypocrisy and contradiction. ‘Yaas, Queen. Slay, Queen.’ F**k diabetes. F**k heart problems. F**k heart disease, cholesterol. Y’all claim womanhood and are about sisterhood, but if you really loved your sister you’d go ‘Black girl, we love you and your confidence, but this ain’t it.'”

The ability to twerk is a new sign of fitness

The clip that went viral is an edited version of a slightly longer interview. The edited version doesn’t include the interviewer laughing at Spears’ jokes about Lizzo’s physical condition.

The shorter version also left out Spears acknowledging that he was going to catch heat for what he said and him discussing his own struggles with his weight.

Not surprisingly, much of the backlash on social media was about Spears’ own weight and appearance. I doubt that his acknowledgement of his problems would factor in for anyone who felt they had to weigh in with their very important opinion on the clip.

One comment read, “I’m appalled by the lack of self awareness. He breathing heavy sitting down. Lizzo is in great shape as a performer. She twerks, sings, dance, and play an instrument at the same time. Aries spears fat ass sound like a cold air intake just from sitting down.”

“The fact that Aries Spears seriously believes himself to be handsome should show you the level of delusion most men are operating at. Because objectively, he is nowhere near handsome. I think someone needs to break it to him,” another read.

This one takes the cake, “I’m really blown away that Aries Spears had the big mouthed audacity to attack Lizzo for being fat. He’s a fat Black man encouraging us to weaponize fatphobia against Lizzo, the math just ain’t mathing.”

There’s a reason you get on the scale at the doctor’s office

Going after Spears in the same way he went after Lizzo muddies the waters a bit. I thought you weren’t supposed to do that. Isn’t the problem calling someone who is fat, fat?

It must be acceptable if you do it in response to someone else doing it. I’m not up on all the rules.

Admittedly, Spears goes a little hard in the paint with his comments on Lizzo. But he’s a comedian and he’s supposed to make fun of things.

Spears isn’t the only comedian who has shared an opinion that goes against the fat acceptance movement. Bill Maher dismantled the argument earlier this month.

Maher pretty much ends the argument in its tracks with one sentence, “Have you ever seen a fat 90-year-old?”

Here’s an extended version of what Spears had to say about Lizzo:

Written by Sean Joseph


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