Arianny Celeste’s Cowgirl Impression Is NOT What You’d See On ‘Yellowstone’

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Arianny Celeste did her best to channel her inner cowgirl, and the results weren’t exactly straight out of “Yellowstone.”

Celeste, who is also the most famous member of the UFC’s octagon girl lineup, has been on a major heater lately on social media. Whether it’s hitting up a pool cabana in Las Vegas or just pumping out Instagram content, she has tendency to generate lots of attention and draw eyeballs.

There are few who can do it better. That’s why Dana White hit a home run with making her the face of the UFC’s octagon girl lineup.

Now, she’s apparently dipping her toes into the cowgirl vibe.

Arianny Celeste continues to dominate Instagram. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic)

Arianny Celeste channels inner cowgirl.

Well, now Celeste is trying to get a role in the final episodes of “Yellowstone,” judging from her latest Instagram post.

However, she seems to have a bit of a different opinion of what goes on while working a ranch. She dropped a photo of herself in lingerie with the caption, “Long live cowgirls.”

Yeah, it’s definitely a different change of pace from Taylor Sheridan’s universe.

You won’t see this on “Yellowstone.”

If Celeste is attempt to get cast in the second half of the final “Yellowstone” season, I’m not sure this is going to do it.

The cowgirls on that show are gritty, dark, menacing and built for work. This is more built for the Instagram crowd.

While I’m certainly not an expert, I do know a little about working a ranch or a farm. Lingerie isn’t what you’re going to see.

Arianny Celeste does her best cowgirl impression with viral Instagram post. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Think more wranglers, work gloves, flannels and a lot of dirt and disgusting stuff. It’s not a luxurious life, but somebody has to do it.

How long we do we think lingerie-clad Arianny Celeste lasts on the Dutton ranch? Fifteen minutes? An hour? In that outfit, it might only be a couple minutes.

While Arianny Celeste is certainly a star in her own right, it seems like we can rule out a crossover event with the Taylor Sheridan hit show. It seems like they’re simply on two different pages.

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