Argentine Model Wanda Nara Considering OnlyFans After Split From Soccer Player Mauro Icardi

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Argentine model and soccer agent Wanda Nara delivered a message about love on Valentine’s Day. She hinted that she might be looking for love again following the split from her soccer player husband Mauro Icardi last year.

She delivered the message on Instagram in revealing red lingerie. Here’s what she had to say, “Everyone’s first love should be their own.”

“Happy day to all those who feel, felt or are preparing to feel love again, never forgetting that the most important is your own.”

That seemed like a message that is both directed at her ex, who she married back in 2014, and to anyone who might be interested in pursuing her. But is Wanda single and ready to mingle?

She wouldn’t say one way or another when answering questions from her followers about her relationship status. One of her followers asked her about Argentine rapper L-Gante.

The two were spotted together following the split from her husband in September. All she would say when asked if she was still in contact with him is, “I think that with Elian we are going to be friends forever.”

Another asked Wanda straight out if she was single. She replied, “It’s the question of the year, or what?”

“I don’t know if it’s the right answer because I live surrounded by love, friends, family and lots of inventions.”

That sounds like the answer of someone who isn’t in a committed relationship, but might be testing the waters a little. In other words, single.

Is An Exclusive Content Platform Like OnlyFans In Her Future?

Whatever Wanda wants to label her relationship status is up to her. Given that she’s no longer married to Icardi, and has been fired as his agent, her followers also wanted to know if she plans on joining OnlyFans.

From the sounds of it that’s definitely a possibility. She replied to her follower’s question, “They offered me to be the global image. Today my commitments prevent me from doing so. We’ll keep talking about it later.”

She continued, “Today I’m focused on driving and a film that requires a lot of time and exclusivity in some things.”

That’s good news for those who enjoy an endless list of subscriptions and parting ways with their hard earned cash for “exclusive content.” For now Wanda’s Instagram will have to do.

Written by Sean Joseph

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