Arch Manning Breaks Down What He Learned In First Semester, Works Out With Davis Mills And High-Profile QB Coach In Offseason

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Arch Manning’s first semester of college is in the books. The nation’s No. 1 recruit in the Class of 2024 will begin the second semester of his freshman year while the majority of his classmates begin their first semester in August.

In the meantime, the future of Texas football is working to get better. There will be no lifeguard or lawn mowing job this summer. It’s all business.

Arch Manning, who arrived in Austin with a lot of hype, reminded the Longhorns faithful to keep their expectations in check with a poor performance in his first spring game. He is only 18 years old. He was supposed to be finishing his senior year of high school, but chose to enroll early at Texas.

Manning is not going to start this fall. He was never supposed to start this fall.

With a full spring behind him, Manning won’t be arriving back to school with wide eyes in the fall. There is an understanding of what to expect, and the learning curve is slightly less steep.

Manning recently returned home to New Orleans and spoke about the transition from Isidore Newman, a small private high school, to the University of Texas. He found the whole thing a “little bit weird” during the first few months, but has started to find a groove.

On the football field, Manning was self-admittedly humbled.

As with anything, there were good days and bad days. Highs and lows aside, the first grandson of football has a grasp of the process and that was the goal of enrolling early.

Although Manning will spend most of his summer back with his family in the Big Easy, he had to drive north to Alabama to get some work in over the weekend. He met up with renowned quarterback trainer David Morris, the founder of QB Country, and Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills.

Although Mills isn’t necessarily a future Hall of Famer, for him to work alongside Manning is interesting. The two 6-foot-4(ish) signal-callers play with similar style.

They both have big frames, they both have big arms, they’re both smooth in their delivery, and they can both scoot more than one might expect. (Also known as “sneaky athletic.”) Their games are a lot alike.

Not only can Manning gain insight from Mills on how to succeed on the next level, the 24-year-old NFL quarterback can offer some tweaks and tips for how to be a better athlete. There is an interesting relationship there.

Texas will get its fall camp underway in early August. Manning slates as the third-string, but will return to campus even more developed than he was when he left!

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