Arch Manning Makes Big Decision About His High School Future With District Title Game On The Horizon

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Arch Manning continued his winning ways on Friday night as he led Isidore Newman to a 42-12 victory over King Charter. As a result, the Greenies will play for a district title when they host St. Charles Catholic next weekend.

Win or lose, it will be Manning’s last regular season game on the high school level in any sport.

The nation’s No. 1 overall prospect in the college football recruiting Class of 2023 has also played varsity basketball in each of his first three years at Newman. He will not return to the hardwood for his senior season.

Manning, who committed to Texas in June, joined Vince Young as the only No. 1 prospect to sign with the Longhorns since 2000. It was, obviously, a big decision and he recently made another.

Arch Manning plans to enroll early at Texas.

OutKick was able to confirm multiple reports that is Manning’s intent to join the Longhorns in January.

Most top-ranked quarterbacks and recruits seem to be enrolling early these days. However, since Quinn Ewers will be the incumbent quarterback in Austin, there was a thought that Manning might choose to finish out his four years of high school.

That will not be the case. He came to the decision on his own, just as he did in his recruitment.

Cooper Manning let Arch make his college decision his way and let him make a decision on his high school future his way. He spoke with Dan Patrick earlier this week and shared what it was like being the father of the most highly-scrutinized recruit in recent history.

“I really took the role of just being kind of the concierge. So a little bit of a nag, probably if anything, let’s take a look at this stuff. But he was a little more mature, I mean all teenagers are immature, but he was a little more mature in what he liked, and what he didn’t like. I liked some stuff that he didn’t like, and vice versa. It was his decision the whole way and I was proud of the way he handled the whole thing.”

— Cooper Manning on his role in Arch’s recruitment

As for how his son handled the spotlight, Cooper said that Arch is not interested in attention.

“He didn’t want any limelight on him, he wanted to stay out of the social media stuff and he didn’t want to draw any attention to himself. He is still kind of wired that way. ‘I want to play ball and enjoy it, but I don’t want to be getting more attention than I deserve.'”

— Cooper Manning on how Arch handled the spotlight

In the end, Arch is set to enroll at Texas in just a few months. He could change his mind, and Cooper is on board with whatever he decides.

With that being said, no matter where he ends up when, all eyes will be on Arch Manning. Either on the basketball court in New Orleans or the football field in Texas.

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  1. Here we go with the chordling if this kids sack again. This is a terrible and low level article. What is OutKicks interest in Arch Manning. NOBODY CARES and nobody is asking for these updates. “Arch is able to stay out of the limelight. He’s wired that way”. Haha. This tells you that Cooper doesn’t read OutKick or he’d stumble on these articles. Then… tell the reader that arch will NOT be playing basketball this year and later tell us eyes will be on him on the hardwoods in New Orleans? Will the updates continue throughout his college career too?

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