Arch Manning Sets Records With Extremely Lucrative First NIL Deal, Won’t See A Dime

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Steve Sarkisian once said that NIL did not play a role in Arch Manning’s recruitment because his five-star freshman quarterback and his family agreed that he would not sign a deal until he was named the starter. The first half of that statement might still be true, the latter half is not.

Manning, who enrolled early back in January, is entering his second semester and first fall camp at Texas. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the first grandson of football will not be the starter for the Longhorns this fall. He won’t even be the backup.

Quinn Ewers is slated to start. Maalik Murphy, who looks like he was built in a lab, will be the backup. Manning will be the third-string.

Although the nation’s No. 1 overall recruit in the Class of 2023 will likely take a redshirt year, he announced that he agreed to an NIL deal with Panini America, one of the top companies in the trading card market, last week. It came with a caveat.

Manning’s deal included a unique rollout. As part of the agreement, Panini released a one-of-one black Prizm autographed card. Another card of this type will never exist.

Arch Manning’s very first trading card
(Image courtesy: Panini America)

The card was put up to auction on Panini’s website over the last four days and included a meet-and-greet as part of the package.

Regardless of the winning bid, Manning will not receive a penny. All of the proceeds will go to St. David’s Foundation, one of the largest health foundations in the U.S. which supports a five-county area surrounding Austin.

Arch Manning’s first public NIL deal raised a lot of money!

The auction closed on Saturday night. 36 bids were placed.

Manning’s one-of-one black Prizm autographed card sold for more than $100,000.

The Panini auction of Arch Manning’s autographed card showing the winning bid.

In the process, Manning set two records:

  1. The card sold for the largest total ever at a Panini auction.
  2. The card sold for the largest total ever within the NIL era.

Needless to say, Manning has some pretty serious buzz surrounding who he is and who he might become. If the son of Cooper becomes the player that everybody expects, like his uncles and grandfather, that $102,500 value could skyrocket to where six figures become insignificant!

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