AOC Triggered By Jesus Ads, Elon Musk, And Rupert Murdoch, Because Of Course She Was

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Even while the rest of us were enjoying an entertaining Super Bowl, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found time to get triggered by an ad.

Not the ones that triggered the sane among us like the one where the babies were giving wedding toasts or the dumb Maya Rudolph M&Ms spot: AOC was big mad about the commercials for Jesus.

Christian group, He Gets Us spent a reported $20 million on a pair of Super Bowl ads that promoted the idea of Jesus as someone empathetic to immigrants and the poor, and would’ve been disappointed in the political division rampant in the United States today.

That group is supported by the family behind Hobby Lobby, various Christian groups, and anonymous donors. But who could possibly have an issue with that message?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez did.

Flipping Out Over A Commercial About Unity Was Very On-Brand

If you’re going to spend tens of millions on a Super Bowl ad, shouldn’t it be commendable to do it on an ad that’s socially conscious and promotes unity? Not some publicity stunt where Maya Rudolph shills for clam-flavored M&M’s (I still can’t get over how cringe-inducing that was)?

I’d say it’s probably the most respectable ad that ran all night. However, AOC — like so many of her ilk — is a complete shyster who would cease to have a career if people stopped going at each other’s throats.

How she got fascism out of that is beyond me. I’m still convinced that was a word she heard back when she was waiting tables, thought it sounded cool, but then never bothered to look it up. She loves it and flings it around like a bored chimpanzee flings its own excrement.

And it has about the same value when she uses it.

Anyway, Miss AOC — who is without a doubt a blast to watch a Super Bowl with; what with her incessant whining while you’re just trying to have a good time — had more to complain about.

AOC Tax The Rich dress
Successful people are the enemy of folks like AOC because they can’t be told the system is rigged against them. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/MG21/Getty Images For The Met Museum/Vogue)

AOC Got Big Mad About Elon Musk And Rupert Murdoch Sitting Together

The same group ran another commercial showing migrants fleeing their homes. It was revealed that the ad was a story about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and was intended to promote compassion for immigrants.

That’s something that should’ve resonated with AOC.

Well, unless those immigrants in question are incredibly successful businessmen.

Sometimes I wonder if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is playing some kind of Andy Kauffman-like character. No, I don’t think she’s smart enough to pull that off either; but it’s hard to believe that someone as insufferable as her could be real.

You’ve got two of the most successful businessmen since John D. Rockefeller struck oil sitting together. So, of course, the woman who once cost her district tens of thousands of jobs acts like it’s got Darth Vader and Anton Chigurh.

AOC can’t stand to have her constituents be inspired by highly-successful people, and two immigrants, no less. She knows she only has a gig because she has convinced her constituents that the system is rigged against them. It seems she has the opposite of her constituents’ best interests in mind.

The most insulting part is she doesn’t even try to hide it.

She seems to thumb her nose at them, and the sooner people catch on to her ruse, the better off we’re all going to be.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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