Wanna Trigger AOC And Insult The Left? Tell Them They’re Pro-U.S. Military

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known on social media as AOC, revealed an ugly truth about today’s Democratic party.


Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most progressive Democrats in the country and part of the so-called Squad, railed against a false rumor this week. Now, politicians deserve the truth to be spoken about them, like anyone else, so it’s easy to feel her pain.

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (Getty Images)

No one likes Fake News, especially if you’re the target. Except it’s the nature of the rumor in question that is so … revealing.

The trouble began after she co-hosted a high school fair in The Bronx aimed at arming teens with the tools at their disposal following graduation. The gathering featured Rep. Adriano Espaillat, D-N.Y. along with members of the U.S. military, including Marines and Air Force participants.

Did AOC — GASP! — Promote A Military Event?

That was enough for rumors to spark on the Left side of the aisle that she took part in a military recruitment event. Such gatherings are common across the country, and the nation’s fighting forces need young people to consider that service to maintain the nation’s military might.

We live in dangerous times, and the Ukraine war could escalate in a snap. If so, the American military might be called into action.

Ocasio-Cortez, however, is so anti-military she took the rumor as the highest insult possible.

She wasted no time in sharing her outrage at the lie on her Instagram account which boasts a flock of 8.6 million followers.

“Today, someone made up a rumor that I, me, was hosting a military recruitment fair for high schoolers. Does that sound like something I would do? No… But somebody started a rumor that that’s what was going on. Everyone just believed it and accepted it. And the problem is when large accounts start platforming this, then is starts spreading like a wildfire and results in demands to cancel this event or for me to not show up to it.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The friendly fire also came from Teen Vogue.

The particular outrage is over the involvement of Ocasio-Cortez’s office vs. her own record of taking issue with this type of event. 

Teen Vogue

The far, far Left outlet clearly wanted to keep her in line and make sure she does nothing that might support the country’s defense structure.

As covered previously in Teen Vogue, US military recruitment has always targeted young people.

Teen Vogue

Who else would recruiters target? Seniors? Middle-aged men who spend weekends playing “Call of Duty?”

‘Incredibly Irresponsile’ Says Ocasio-Cortez

The congresswoman, who is also triggered by Elon Musk and Jesus-themed commercials, puts her policies where her mouth is, in her defense. She previously proposed a ban on select military recruitment practices three years ago. The recruitments in question reached out to places where teens congregate, like Twitch streaming events and eSports gatherings.

“It’s incredibly irresponsible for the Army and the Navy to be recruiting impressionable young people and children via live streaming platforms,” Ocasio-Cortez told VICE.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It’s hard to sum up the modern Left’s view of the U.S. military any better. The worst thing you could say about a prominent progressive like AOC is that she supports military recruitment. That the attack came from her own side says her fellow Leftists are on the same page with her.

In short? Down with the U.S. Military.

Written by Christian Toto

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  1. I don’t understand how leftists have historically been anti-war but now seem to be the biggest proponents of the war in Ukraine and regime change in Russia. How can one be anti-military recruitment but also be in favor of endless war in a country that has no significant interest to the US? How can one be anti-recruitment and also in favor of sending billions of dollars to defend another country, at the risk of escalating the war beyond proxy? It’s quite the juxtaposition. Who is going to fight the war you all seem to be in favor of? It’s not ok to target young people with military service but it’s ok to target kids for drag queen story hour? This country is stuck on stupid.

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