Antonio Brown Caught Up In Controversy After Using Bogus Excuse For Failing To Make Return To Football In Front Of Huge Crowd

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Antonio Brown was set to make his return to football on Saturday. He did not.

Brown, 34, has not played a down since his bizarre exit from the Buccaneers’ game against the Jets on Jan. 2, 2022. The former All-Pro receiver, who is endlessly caught-up in something, was supposed to suit up for the first time since his last game in the NFL over Memorial Day Weekend.

Brown and his father purchased a majority ownership stake in the Albany Empire, a member of the National Arena League, back in March. Since the takeover, his team has been abysmal and he’s even attempted to get Cam Newton to join.

Not only has the Empire struggled to win, it was on its third head coach after just five games. Although a series of missed payments and a mass exodus of players had something to do with the turnover, it was not the only factor into the coaching carousel.

Amidst all of the chaos, Brown made a promise that he was going to play for Albany against Fayetteville on Saturday, May 27. The team sold tickets and marketed the game as AB’s return.

A massive crowd showed up to watch Brown play.

Well, as the Empire took the field against the Mustangs, Brown was not with them. He didn’t play.

Brown said that the reason he did not play was because of a paperwork issue. His sports physical was not turned in on time.

However, even that reasoning comes with controversy.

National Arena League commissioner Chris Siegried stated that because Brown is the owner of the team, he could play without needing a physical. And yet, Brown still didn’t see a snap.

Meanwhile, Brown’s agent J.R. Rickert told CBS Sports that there is “genuine interest” in signing his client from multiple NFL teams. That was two days before Brown was supposed to play for Albany.

He is exploring the right fit.

— J.R. Rickert

Did Brown’s NFL interest factor into his lack of return to football on Saturday? Probably not. Is it ironic that the two things coincided in such a way? Absolutely.

Is Antonio Brown, once again, at the center of a controversial decision? You betcha!

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