Anti-Dog, Anti-American Flag ESPN Guy Says It’s ‘Not Ridiculous’ To Call White MVP Voters Racist

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Domonique Foxworth was a mediocre cornerback in the NFL. He’s now an analyst on ESPN, where his mission is to get Twitter to like him for his incendiary remarks about white athletes.

In 2020, Foxworth announced he openly roots for Josh Allen to fail because the Bills quarterback’s fans — and we quote — support dogs and the American flag.

Foxworth suggests that people who like Allen are mostly white, and thus, not his cup of tea.

Last week, Foxworth returned to the headlines. He joined three-time failed talk show host Bomani Jones to record a podcast thanking Kendrick Perkins. They appreciated Perkins pressuring voters into considering race when voting for MVP.

Foxworth stated it is “not ridiculous” to accuse MVP voters of racism, the point of Perkins’ hypothesis in April.

He took issue with anyone who criticized Perkins’ race-bait, calling the backlash “disproportionate.”

So here’s another ESPN stooge promulgating the idea that NBA voters are racist ghouls holding black players down.

Except, of course, accusing said voters of racism is ridiculous.

Just five of the past 33 MVP winners are white. The rest are black. Only 15 percent are of the color Foxworth, Perkins, and Bomani say benefit from privilege in MVP voting.

As Charles Barkley said when asked about the topic “If only five white guys have won MVP in the last 30 years, [claims of racism] make zero sense – his argument. Zero sense.”

Revealing it is to hear Foxworth and Perkins say the number of white winners ought to be a topic of conversation.

“It’s past time to discuss,” said Perkins.

White players are the minority in the NBA. And they hardly ever win the award. Yet, two ESPN employees claim the volume in which white players win concerns them.

That doesn’t sound very inclusive of them.

ESPN culture

Still, Foxworth and Perkins are less to blame for their commentary than their bosses. ESPN executives have created a safe space for employees to declare white people racist sans an ounce of evidence.

At most networks, executives and producers would require a personality to cite proof before shouting racism. Other networks would quash any assertion like Perkins’ that runs counter to the evidence that exists.

But not at ESPN.

There, Perkins received no backlash for his recklessness. In fact, ESPN inserted him as a guest on its flagship PTI program days later in a show of support.

ESPN sent the message that Perkins’ behavior is acceptable. Even rewarded. Thereby equally anti-white imbecile Domonique Foxworth sought to relight the same flame over a month later.

What’s more, Foxworth made his accusation at a time in which odds say Embiid will most certainly win the award. Another black MVP winner would throw further water on the hypothesis that voters have a racial bias against black hoopers.

However, don’t expect such facts to stop Foxworth from pushing similar narratives.

Domonique Foxworth might not like dogs, the American flag, or white athletes. But he adores inflammatory, baseless discussions about racism — it’s the strategy of his entire media career.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. When you are too stupid to formulate a cohesive argument and want to enter the narrative as a fomenter, claim racism. When your narrative can’t be supported with facts, claim racism. It really is the perfect solution – it’s exceedingly hard to prove you AREN’T a racist once labeled as one, so no one wants to appear to be one. It’s a great argument for these dumbasses because it’s the easy one. Since national media has no standards, it works well. I’m glad I’m in my 50s and not my 20s, I really don’t care to see what this country will be in 30 years if things continue down this path.

  2. ESPN wouldn’t exist without college football contracts. It is not on in my house ever except when I have to watch a college game on it. It is truly the most disgusting company in America. Sad what leftists can do to a sports (ESPN) and entertainment (Disney) and destroy them in the name of wokeness and racism.

  3. Isn’t it passed time for everyone (black & white) to agree that The NBA is a Black League with token Euro-whites. … in the same way that the PGA Tour (& LIV) & NASCAR are “White Sports” with minor black tokenism. …The NFL is not quite “there” yet but irrevocably headed in the direction of being “a black league”. ESPN is “their” media platform.

    For “us” whites to have any say in The NBA is akin to the “Deltas” in Animal House visiting Otis Daye’s nightclub … “Can we dance wif your dates”?”

    Personally, I have no appreciation for “black culture” so I don’t watch The NBA but do not begrudge the black community for their vast majority involvement in it.

  4. I guess the douchebag producers at ESPN feel having the two little wormy black boys be provocative will draw more eyeballs. There are not enough players who look like me in the NBA so I have no interest. Especially since anti White bigotry appears to be commonplace.
    By the way, if you put a derby with a chin strap on Foxworth he would resemble Stymie from the Little Rascals.

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