Another ‘Unidentified Object’ Shot Down Over Alaska, Pentagon Confirms

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The Pentagon confirmed Friday that another “unidentified object” has been shot down over U.S. airspace.

Unidentified objects floating over the United States has apparently now become a trend, after the country became aware of the recent Chinese spy balloon.


Officials did not confirm if this was another spy balloon, or if the new “object” came from China. However they did confirm it posed a “reasonable threat” to the safety of civilian air travel.

John Kirby, White House National Security Council spokesman, did not specify if it contained surveillance equipment. He also didn’t explain if the Pentagon knew its exact purpose.

However, he did say that the military would remain “vigilant” about protecting U.S. airspace.

“We’re going to remain vigilant about our airspace,” Kirby said. “The president takes his obligations to protect our national security interests as paramount.”

Of course, Kirby also did not explain how this vigilance and “paramount” importance placed on national security aligns with the lengthy delay between identifying and shooting down the spy balloon.

Biden Administration shot down unidentified object over Alaska
WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 26: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economy in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on October 26, 2022 in Washington, DC. Biden outlined his plan to target and end bank ‘junk fees.’ (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Easy Decision on Shooting Down ‘Objects’

OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out that this wasn’t exactly a “tough call.”

Although it does once again call into question the bizarre delay involved with the Chinese spy balloon.

While it’s unclear what this object was exactly, its purpose, or where it came from, incursions into U.S. airspace are obviously unacceptable.

The quick action on Friday likely indicates that the administration realized they couldn’t risk another PR hit from an unnecessary delay.

It’s also concerning that foreign objects floating over the country appears to be something of a recurring problem. At the very least, quickly shooting down whatever this was shows that it’s not something the U.S. will tolerate.

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