Heavyweight Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. Warns Of Possible Sex Tape Leak After Hacker Exposes Alleged Drug, Prostitute Use

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Andy Ruiz Jr. had his Twitter account hacked Friday, and issued warning that there may be more to come. The heavyweight boxer specifically spoke to sex tapes that could surface online if an “evil person” has access and decides to share.

Ruiz, one of the best heavyweight boxers in the word, became the first male boxer of Mexican heritage to win a world heavyweight championship by defeating Anthony Joshua in 2019. He won the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO titles with the massive upset victory.

It is not a secret that Ruiz loves to party. His 30th birthday, not long after beating Joshua, was absolutely wild.

The boxer, nicknamed ‘Destroyer,’ later admitted that he gained too much weight before his rematch with Joshua — a loss — and that didn’t prepare how he should have.

Not long after that defeat, Ruiz addressed the state of boxing at a party in early 2020. A white powdery substance appeared to be in the room, and he took a shot of what looked like liquor on camera.

All of this goes to say that Ruiz’s lifestyle is well-known both in and outside of the boxing world.

Everybody knows that Andy Ruiz Jr. loves to party.

Thus, when videos were posted online Friday, their content was not surprising. That didn’t make the entire situation any less eye-opening.

The videos and images were shared from Ruiz’s Twitter account. The caption read:

I wanted to share with you what my life behind camp is really like! I love to drink codeine and smoke weed all day long. I also love purchasing prostitutes. After this is going on meetings to clean my blood to make sure to come out clean when VADA comes to my training camps.

One video showed Ruiz holding two zips. Other images appeared to show Ruiz hooked up to an IV, which would allude to the “clean my blood” portion of the caption.

For Ruiz to have posted those images, videos, and words himself would be foolish. Obviously, he would not share that information or make those accusations against himself.

Not long after the tweet hit the internet, Ruiz cleared things up. He says that he was hacked by a “b*tch that he knows” in an attempt to ruin his career.

Ruiz did not say who he thinks is responsible for the leak, but later referenced a woman named “Julie” — his 26-year-old ex-wife who claimed abuse at the end of April. The 33-year-old also joked about the possibility that their sex tapes could leak next.

It is unclear as to who posted the tweet, or if anything further will come from the leaks. In the meantime, Ruiz says that “God has bigger plans for me than to be fighting with that f—ing little girl” and is moving on now that it has been addressed.

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