Andy Ruiz’s Ex Claims Boxer Abused Her, Ruiz Denies The Allegations

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The ex-girlfriend of heavyweight prize fighter Andy Ruiz has accused him of abuse during their seven-year relationship. But according to Ruiz, he is actually the victim.

Julia Lemus was granted a temporary restraining order against Ruiz earlier this month. She claimed he raped, abused, and terrorized her over the course of their time together.

In the filings, Lemus says Ruiz “sexually, physically, and psychologically abused me, making me feel like feel like I had to walk on eggshells around him.”

The 26-year-old woman also claims the boxer physically and emotionally abused their two children.

She accused Ruiz of abusing both drugs and alcohol, causing her to “fear for my life and safety and the lives and safety of my children.”

Andy Ruiz's Ex Claims Former Boxer Abused Her, Ruiz Denies The Allegations
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Lemus claims Ruiz became violent in 2019 after he defeated Anthony Joshua to claim the heavyweight title.

“He began grabbing me by my upper arms and physically yanking me in order to move me wherever he wanted me to go,” she said.

In the documents, Lemus alleges Ruiz bought multiple guns. When she told him she was uncomfortable with the firearms, he “proceeded to point an AK-47 at my face.”

And when she told Ruiz to stop, he “told me to ‘shut the f-ck up,’ and then noted that the guns did not have bullets in them and mocked me by telling me I was being dramatic.”

Lemus also detailed how Ruiz would “jokingly” punch her arms and legs, leaving bruises.

She said he began sexually assaulting her in February 2023 — even forcing himself on her multiple times.

Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order Against Andy Ruiz

The order requires the boxer to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-girlfriend and prohibits him from owning firearms. The court order also gives Lemus sole legal and physical custody over the children.

In a response filed Thursday, Ruiz vehemently denies the allegations and said she is just looking for a way to separate him from his kids.

In fact, he said he became the victim when Lemus stabbed him with a knife in February 2020.

And in April 20, he said, Lemus “entered my hotel room with a loaded gun in her hand, and screamed, ‘everybody get the f-ck out of here.'” He said she hit one his friends in the head with the gun and then broke furniture in the room.

Andy Ruiz is a 35-2 fighter. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Ruiz also alleged Lemus slapped, punched and grabbed him on numerous occasions.

“Not once did I ever engage in any physical response to Julia’s assault,” Ruiz said.

Further, he accused Lemus of stealing $250,000 worth of jewelry from him last month. He filed a theft report with the San Diego police.

Ruiz has not publicly commented on the situation.

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