Andrew Bogut Asks Girl Dads ‘Where Are You’ As A Transgender Player Is Expected To Be Allowed Into Australian Women’s Basketball League

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A transgender athlete has applied to join a semi-professional women’s basketball league in Australia and former NBA player Andrew Bogut is infuriated by the idea. The Aussie called on girl dads to stand up and speak out against biological men competing against women in sports.

Bogut jumped on Twitter to share his opinion about the situation asking “are you ok with sacrificing the sanctity of Female Sport in the name of ‘inclusion?’

Bogut responded to a user by the name of Saraid Taylor, who is clearly all for biological men ruining women’s sports, explaining that he’s most disappointed in the basketball league allowing a trans athlete to compete.

According to Sky News, Basketball Victoria has confirmed that it received an application from the transgender woman to play in the NBL1 South competition and all signs point to the biological man being allowed to take the hardwood with the Kilsyth women’s team.

“Basketball Victoria in collaboration with Basketball Australia are working through the final stages of eligibility of the athlete for the 2023 season.”


Basketball Victoria reportedly worked closely with Basketball Australia to come up with certain guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and “gender diverse” people in basketball.

Nick Honey, Basketball Victoria CEO, had the audacity to use the word “fair” in his statement about trans athletes competing against women.

“It is important that all athletes participate in an inclusive, fair, safe and respectful environment and we hope all in the community can move forward together with a clear understanding of the new guidelines” Honey said.

Those who possess common sense and live in the real world understand that there is nothing fair about biological men competing against women in sport.

Bogut expanded on his thoughts about the situation in an Instagram video:

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. People need to realize that upsetting anonymous sheep on Twitter is irrelevant. Stand up for what you believe in, especially if it is against the progressive lunacy of the day. Because the only people who think defending women’s rights is “anti-trans” are the mouthbreathers on the left

  2. Have you noticed the trend happening in trans athlete acceptance demands? Where are the sportspeople saying they don’t care what the world thinks they’ll put themselves up to be picked in the mens competition? Where are all the trans who transition from female to male lining up to compete in mens sports? Where are the trans activists saying it doesn’t matter about gender we should just have an open competition and be chosen on merit?
    Oh wait, I answered my own question. Picked on merit! That’s the problem, not good enough to compete, so the activism becomes more important than the sport and weak administrators are more interested in virtue signalling than having a competitive sport!

  3. Sadly Andrew you’ll get very little support in Melbourne, where your hugely corrupt namesake Daniel Andrews created the longest lockdowns in world history, walked in the Alphabet pride marches while banning the Anzac (returned veterans) marches, shot protesters with rubber bullets for standing against his mandates, but gave the go ahead for BLM protests, has been in front of two corruption inquiries with four more pending, sent investigators out to smear Corruption enquiry heads and STILL got reelected! Albeit with a reduced majority even after his government went to Electoral commission to change boundaries! He is the biggest employer in the state with employees receiving biannual pay increases while the small and medium businesses are being destroyed by his climate change price increases. He’s been in power long enough now that they say he’ll get a bronze statue in his ‘honor’!
    So with that sort of weak population dependent on huge tax payer debt to pay them they virtue signal their way around what was must known as the worlds most liveable city and is now the most divided and corrupt outside China!
    You don’t have to be in New York or San Francisco for your society to be destroyed by political divisive doctrines, nor your economy to be Californicated!

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