Woman Interrupts Golf Round By Driving Through North Carolina Course, Crashes Into Pond

There are wild rounds of golf, and then there's what went down Friday night at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. A woman there drove her car through the course and crashed into a pond only to be rescued by a golfer.

Police still aren't saying what led up to the woman driving across a fairway, through a bunker and into a pond. A general observation from the videos would suggest drugs, alcohol or some sort of combination of both. The lady is clearly out of it.

After being removed from the water, police continually ask her if there's anyone else in the car. She keeps saying it's empty.

The action doesn't end there. Getting the woman on a stretcher was an adventure that included her screaming, "SAY MY F--KIN' NAME, YOU STUPID HOOOOOO."

I assume the guys who rescued that woman sat silently at the 19th hole, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Then they all agreed to give each other a birdie on that hole when she tried to play through.

This isn't the first time a golf round has been interrupted this summer. You might remember the police chase through a Missouri golf course, after a teen stole a Jeep. It's been a wild year out on the links. Be careful out there.

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