Woke CBS Reporter Claims North Korea 'Safer' than White House

Some woke CBS White House correspondent hack lost his cool today.

Triggered by Kayleigh McEnany's positive coronavirus test result, Ben Tracy idiotically claimed he'd be safer in North Korea.

Check this out:


According to Tracy, President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus is worse than anything he would endure in Kim Jong-un's North Korea. North Korea, of course, has a history of starving its citizens and controlling almost everything they do, even subjecting them to handwriting tests to prove they aren't responsible for anti-government graffiti. Meanwhile, the coronavirus survival rate remains about 99%.

Add Ben Tracy to the list of media members never to take seriously again. The prestigious ranking includes Jemele Hill, Don Lemon, Mark Jones, Chris Cuomo, Bomani Jones, Joy Reid, Christine Brennan, and Chris Hayes.

CBS should be ashamed.

There is only one way to sum up this tweet:


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