Wisconsin Needs To Fire Paul Chryst Immediately

The time has come for Wisconsin to fire head football coach Paul Chryst.

Coming into the Saturday matchup against Illinois, I said Chryst might be coaching for his job, and a loss to the Fighting Illini could seal his fate among fans.

I wrote that thinking Illinois might win a close one over Chryst and the Badgers. That's not what happened at all.

Illinois physically manhandled Wisconsin in the trenches.

We got dismantled, destroyed and obliterated to the tune of 34-10. In the first half, we had a grand total of 14 rushing yards. The Badgers finished with just two rushing yards for the entire game.

Read that sentence back to you and see if you can understand it any better than I can. My brain can't comprehend rushing for two yards in a game as a Wisconsin fan.

Our longest rush all game was for five yards. That's a pathetic stat, and as much as it might offend some people, the time for Chryst to go is right now.

Don't even wait until the end of the season. Chryst needs to be fired, and it should happen sooner than later.

Paul Chryst has Wisconsin headed in the wrong direction.

We went from winning ten games a year to losing by 24 at home to Illinois. It's been decades since Wisconsin has been this bad, and we're trending in an even worse direction.

For anyone who thinks I'm overreacting, let's go over some numbers. Wisconsin is 15-10 in our last 25 games, our last major bowl win was at the end of the 2017 season and it's been a decade since our last Big Ten title.

We're not just going in the wrong direction. Paul Chryst now has the pedal to the floor speeding in the wrong direction.

In our last four games, Wisconsin lost to Washington State at home, got humiliated by Ohio State on national TV and got blown out at home by a bad Illinois team.

We went from being a Big Ten contender every year to being a complete joke. Nobody should fear the Wisconsin Badgers. Nobody should fear taking the field against us.

In five short years, we went from being 12-0 in the regular season to getting manhandled by Bret Bielema and Illinois at home.

The time has come. Fire Paul Chryst and do it immediately. Don't tell me about his contract or salary. It doesn't matter. We all know how this story is going to end. Don't wait. Do it right now, and give fans some hope. Otherwise, the booing heard at Camp Randall today will be just the start of what's coming.

We have no reason to support or cheer for this program anymore, and until some changes are made, fans are going to continue to flee. It's a disgraceful time to be a fan, and that's putting it politely.