Why Maren Morris Is Piling on the Aldeans

Imagine entering a massive auditorium and demanding everyone in the hall agree with your worldview.

It’s precisely what country singer Maren Morris is doing on a national stage. And she’s getting plenty of attention for her stance.

Morris, best known for songs like “My Church” and “Dear Hate,” told the Los Angeles Times she may not attend this year’s CMA Awards gala.

Brittany Aldean Speaks Out

Maren snagged a CMA nomination for Album of the Year for “Humble Quest.” She still may skip the soiree because one of the attendees doesn’t align with her thoughts on trans children.

Brittany Aldean, wife of country crooner Jason Aldean, doesn’t favor so-called “gender affirming” surgery for children who don’t feel comfortable with their biological identity. It all started when she recalled her tomboy roots and felt glad her parents didn’t assume that posture was a cry to surgically change her gender.

The story swiftly went viral. Jason Aldean, who supported his wife during the kerfuffle, lost his PR agency over the revelation. 

Now, Maren is trying to put more pressure on the couple for having a different view on a wildly controversial subject.

"I’m very honored that my record is nominated. But I don’t know if I feel home there right now. So many people I love will be in that room, and maybe I’ll make a game-time decision and go. But as of right now, I don’t feel comfortable going."

She doesn’t feel comfortable attending an event where one person disagrees with her stance on a matter, one that would have been considered unacceptable just a few years ago. And, chances are, more than one person in that venue will feel differently than her on that subject. It may be a very large swath of the gathering, even if most are deeply afraid of saying so publicly.

The Aldeans just said it out loud.

Defying trans groupthink can have serious consequences. Just ask Dave Chappelle, who told jokes about that community in his 2021 Netflix special, “The Closer,” and nearly got canceled as a result. It didn’t matter that he spent part of that special recalling the powerful bond he shared with a trans comedian.

Maren Morris Fits The Country Music Industry

Everywhere Morris goes people will think differently than her on all manner of subjects, both spiritual and personal. That’s even more true on the red-hot buttons surrounding the trans community. 

She’s still taking a public stand on the matter, using an event that could have a profound impact on her career as her platform.


Country Music, Inc. is increasingly woke, so her combative stand will earn her plenty of love within the industry.

The mainstream press is all over her comments, framing them either in a neutral or favorable light.

Those who hadn’t heard of Morris prior to those statements certainly know about her now. And, of course, she may be pining for more professional or personal punishment to befall the Aldeans.

And, chances are, she could be right.

Celebrity virtue signaling is hardly new. Stars routinely share social media posts and interview snippets supporting progressive causes. Some genuinely believe what they’re saying and want the whole world to know it.

Others may be doing so for pragmatic reasons, hoping their virtue signaling lets others know they’re on their side of the culture war battles.

Morris’ lament likely falls into that category. Her stand is getting her publicity, favorable press and perhaps putting pressure on the Aldeans to publicly apologize for their deeply held views.

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