Whoopi Goldberg Threatening to Quit 'The View,' Believes She's The Victim

Whoopi Goldberg is threatening to quit The View after ABC suspended her for saying the Holocaust was not about race. Goldberg "is telling co-workers she is going to quit the show," a source told the New York Post.

Goldberg is stunned ABC had the backbone to discipline her. And perhaps with good reason. For at least the last two years, corporate media networks have allowed people of color to get away with almost any offensive comment.

Media networks are so afraid that someone will call them racist, they've allowed hosts like Goldberg, Joy Reid, Don Lemon and Stephen A. Smith to have free rein on their commentary, which has too often been racist. And all of these personalities have taken advantage of their employer's cowardice at one point or another.

So Goldberg didn't expect ABC to retaliate at all. She was likely surprised ABC even advised her to apologize.

While I don't doubt Goldberg, who's known for her vile temperament, is telling colleagues she will quit, I don't actually expect her to go through with it.

Goldberg wants to play the victim. She wants to frighten her bosses and regain her former leverage. ABC doesn't fear Goldberg quitting. ABC fears what Goldberg and fellow media pundits would call the network if she leaves.

And this is why Goldberg is playing with house money. Long-time supporters of cancel culture -- from Morning Joe to 95% of Twitter -- have sided with Goldberg over ABC. Of course, they have. So, Goldberg has almost nothing to lose. Corporate media anchors and blue-checks protect their own, no matter how hypocritical they look.

Keep in mind, Disney, the parent company of ABC, handed Goldberg a relatively soft punishment compared to those it has given to other employees who likewise made controversial comments about the Holocaust. Disney axed Gina Carano, the conservative Star Wars actress, after she likened neighbors ratting out fellow neighbors, as happened during the COVID lockdowns, to the Jews during the Holocaust. The media cheered when Carano was fired.

Goldberg should just be glad ABC didn't fire her and force her to start a podcast on Slate or NPR. Had Goldberg been white or a conservative like Carano, Tuesday would have been her last day on The View. But Goldberg is reportedly "livid" and "humiliated" and on a quest to prove ABC wronged her. She may yet be proven right.

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