White House Account Deletes Twitter Post Due to Misinformation

The Biden administration operated White House Twitter account was forced to delete a post earlier Wednesday due to deliberate misinformation.

The tweet claimed that an increase in social security checks was because of Biden's leadership:

Except the added amounts have absolutely nothing to do with the Biden administration. President Nixon signed legislation decades ago to tie Social Security benefits to inflation.

And inflation is running rampant, thanks in part to Biden's disastrous economic policies.

Twitter users added that explanation, with the notation that "Readers added context they thought people might want to know."

The New York Post quoted the additional message, before the tweet was deleted:

​​”Seniors will receive a large Social Security benefit increase due to the annual cost of living adjustment, which is based on the inflation rate,” the note said, linking to the Social Security Administration’s website for an explanation on the Nixon-era legislation behind the increase – known as COLA."

Multiple politicians noticed the absurdity of the Biden White House taking credit for the devastating consequences of inflation.

Thomas Massie, a Republican Representative from Kentucky, tweeted:

​”​Biden social media geniuses are giving Biden credit for the biggest Social Security COLA in 10 years, but neglect to mention that COLA is an automatic formula based on government inflation metric​."

Another Republican Representative, Vicky Hartzler from Missouri, pointed out that the White House was directly naming Biden's leadership as being responsible for inflation:

"'Biden’s leadership​'​ is solely responsible for record inflation, according to the White House."

Even the White House press secretary had to acknowledge that the tweet was a mistake, something

“The tweet was not complete. Usually, when we put out a tweet, we post it with context, and it did not have that context.”

Although to be fair, maybe the social media manager running the account was following his boss's lead by making things up:


White House Has a History of Lying

The Biden administration has a history of using social media to lie to the public.

A tweet from May 2022, which is still up, made the inaccurate claim that when Biden took office, there was no vaccine available to the public:

After the vaccines were rolled out in December 2020, Biden himself was vaccinated on live television that same month.

None of that inarguable reality stopped them from spreading misinformation.

In July 2021, they claimed that the cost of a July 4th barbecue was down $0.16.

Ultimately this is another embarrassment for an incompetent administration. If Biden actually had accomplishments worth celebrating, this kind of inaccurate framing wouldn't be necessary.

If the Trump administration was spreading misinformation like this through the White House twitter feed, the media would never stop critiquing it.

But because Biden aligns with their ideology, they get a pass.

With the midterms still a few days away, it's a near certainty the White House will continue their efforts. After all, helping Democrats is far more important than the truth.