While Disney Cuts Thousands of Jobs, Universal Florida is Hiring 2,500 New Employees

The Walt Disney Company's turn towards politics may be hurting the company even more than previously realized.

Despite their previous dominance in the entertainment world, Disney has been in disarray recently.

The film studio has produced flop and flop after becoming more woke in their storytelling.


The television department has also become increasingly political, with radical far left ideology seeping into children's shows.

Unnecessary involvement in local Florida political issues was perhaps the biggest indicator of the company's mindset, however.

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, Disney CEO Bob Chapek bowed to activist pressure and released a statement pointedly critizing the legislation.

Soon afterwards, DeSantis revealed his plan to take back governance of Disney's Reddy Creek district.

And not so coincidentally, Chapek is now the former CEO.

All this is to say that one of the world's largest corporations has been hemorrhaging value, resulting in substantial job cuts. Things are not going well.


Now it turns out the state of Disney may be even worse than previously realized. While they cut 7,000 jobs in the latest round of layoffs, just a few miles up the road in Orlando, Universal Studios is going on a hiring spree.

Disney's Competitors Thriving

While the Mouse House is cutting thousands of jobs, Universal is hiring 2,500 workers for their Orlando resort.

Disney's layoffs will be affecting all areas of the company, not just theme parks. But the fact that their closest theme park competitor is adding thousands of employees, not cutting them, shows just how poorly things are going for Disney.

It might be understandable if Disney's parks were fully staffed, but that's not the case. Just a few months ago, the company still faced significant shortages.

Instead of hiring more employees to get the parks back to their usual level, Disney is making cuts. All while Universal ensures their parks will actually reach their staffing targets.

While there are obviously many factors influencing hiring and firing decisions at major corporations, there is one clear difference between the direction of the two companies.

When Florida passed the Parental Rights bill, Universal essentially stayed silent. Disney, however, caved to activist employees and went full woke.

There may not be a direct causal relationship between their public remarks and these hiring decisions. But it's hard to rule it out either.

Universal Shows What to Do

Universal did what the vast majority of the public believes corporations should do. Avoid politics entirely.

The bill had absolutely nothing to do with them. So they avoided weighing in on irrelevant issues.

But Disney's fully bought into the modern woke activist corporate model. Entertainment companies can't simply provide fun, escapism and an enjoyable environment.

They must become allies in the fight against any social or political viewpoint that could remotely be seen as going against The Current Thing. Despite the fact that half their consumer base, or more, may disagree.

This is the inevitable consequence of listening to the loudest voices in the room, regardless of what they're saying.

Universal, meanwhile, has minded their own business, correctly realizing there's nothing to be gained and much to lose from aligning their company politically.

And now it appears they're being rewarded.

The Disney company may continue to make money, and the parks may still be crowded. But if enough people choose to visit their competitors because of political viewpoints, their position will continue to erode.

The obvious implication of Universal hiring while Disney is firing is a tale as old as time.

Go woke, go broke.

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