Weightgate Update: More Proof Chris Cuomo Lifts Fake Weights

Last week, Weightgate took off when professional bodybuilder Marc Lobliner accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother of lifting fake weights. Lobliner referred to Chris Primetime Cuomo's most viral clip — yes, more than any on CNN:

Before we move further, even if it were real, who would want to do that?

Anyway, Lobliner joined The Blaze's Wilkow, who also claimed Cuomo is lying, to explain more:

That about does it: Primetime Cuomo is fake weights and probably fake news.

This is the most fitting scandal for both CNN and Cuomo. Unfortunately, not everything about Cuomo is fake. His dance videos, leg kicks, and TikToks — we hate to tell you — are all real:

Please hide this guy from every visual medium in America.

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