Washington Post Dismisses Lab Leak Theory Despite New Evidence

The Washington Post once again downplayed the lab leak theory for the origin of COVID, contradicting new evidence.

The origins of the pandemic have come under increasing scrutiny recently after The Wall Street Journal reported that the Department of Energy believed that the virus most likely came from the Wuhan lab.

This isn’t a particularly surprising revelation, considering that the evidence base in favor of the lab leak has grown substantially over time.

However, it is a vitally important release considering the importance of U.S. government agencies lending further credence to the theory.

While the Department of Energy does admit it has “low confidence” in the assessment, it still presents a newsworthy update to the debate around the pandemic.

Except to The Washington Post.

The Post was one of the earliest, and most vocal, critics of the lab leak as an explanation. In fact, the Post's track record of being wrong on major COVID questions continues to be unquestionably bad.

None of that stopped the paper from once again dismissing evidence showing it was wrong. In for a penny, in for a pound, seemingly.

Lab Leak Is An Important Part of COVID Inquiry

The Post began the dismissal by, of course, fretting about the impact this new revelation would have on their political party.

“Republicans on Capitol Hill are teeing up new demands for information and broadening their planned probes of covid-19’s origins,” the article reads.

Obviously, this is unacceptable to The Post, considering that Democrat-aligned “experts” assured the enlightened liberal public that the lab leak theory was a deranged right-wing conspiracy theory.

And so, no matter how much evidence accumulates proving them collective left wrong, they will forever refer to it as the “lab leak.” Complete with dismissive quotes.

The article also appeals to a false consensus, saying that “most” sources believe in a natural origin.

“... they still favor the theory that the virus naturally ‘spilled over’ from animals to humans, probably in a Wuhan market near where the first cases of an unusual pneumonia were reported,” the Post writes.

But that dismisses scientists, researchers and other government agencies who believe the lab leak theory is the most likely explanation. It’s also not surprising that the Post continues to mislead, given the importance of this issue and how it relates the flow of information.


The Post wholeheartedly devoted itself to “debunking” an entirely legitimate line of reasoning, because it made the Post's ideology look bad.

And their desperation to defend their past assurances is now leading to further embarrassment.

It’s unlikely, given China’s obfuscations, that we’ll ever have a definitive answer for the pandemic’s origins. But by dismissing the Department of Energy’s conclusions, the Post is once again where they frequently are. On the wrong side of history.

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