Video: Puerto Rican Rope Swing Jump Goes Wrong, Very Wrong

It appears there was a rope swing for the ages over the weekend at Salto del Hippie, Rio Blanco in the El Yunque National Forest where people jump off rocks, ropes and swings into water and sometimes they go home with injuries. Video out this weekend shows a woman trying to do the Hippie Jump and coming up a little short of her destination. It's one of those falls that's going to leave you hurting while sitting at your desk.

The great news here is that the woman is allegedly "just beat up," and "good."

Now, I'm not going to tell you guys how to live and how much risk you should take, so I'll tell you that the Hippie Jump is in Naguabo, Puerto Rico, about an hour drive from San Juan. Yes, people have left injured and dead from jumping off those rocks, but so have people anywhere rocks and water create a rope swing opportunity. If you wish, get out there and live. Just get a good release off the rocks and don't let the rope slip out of your hands.

She could use a lesson from a guy like Johnny Manziel who knows his way around water.

This is how it's done:

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