Urban Meyer Spent Super Bowl With Former President Donald Trump

Urban Meyer's most recent viewing of a Bengals game likely had a much different post-game feel than the last time he witnessed Cincinnati play. Rather than snatching bottoms, Meyer was grabbing headlines.

Meyer, the unemployed former coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, watched the Super Bowl alongside former President Donald Trump, as a guest of 45's Super Bowl bash.

Meyer, 57, and his wife Shelley, were anything but wallflowers at the party. They were seated alongside Trump at the former president's Palm Beach golf club.

Trump's bash included a marching band greeting guests as they arrived, a customized "Trump" turf that welcomed party goers, "45" flags and a giant Super Bowl LVI 2022 yard sign.

Event staffers were also dressed in referee's uniforms. No word on the menu, but chances are Trump International Golf Club didn't feature the staples of each team's city. Meaning, Meyer and the other guests probably didn't have the misfortune of feasting on Skyline chili while watching Aaron Donald chew up the Bengals' offensive game plan. Based on Trump's preferences, McDonalds probably had a real shot of making the menu though.

One confirmed dessert at Trump's bash: Bengals and Rams themed cookies. Fortunately for Meyer, that's one cookie jar his hand can be caught inside of.


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