University of Florida Student President Faces Impeachment After Supporting Senator Sasse To Become College's Next President

A University of Florida Student Body President is facing calls to step down after she publicly supported Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska to become the college's next president.

Lauren Lemasters received a no confidence resolution by the student body senate after she moved forward with approving Sasse as the 13th president of the University of Florida.

On Tuesday, the Senator was unanimously approved by the University's board of trustees. However, he had been facing sharp criticism and even protests from some of the student body over his stance on LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage.

More than 10 speakers voiced their concerns over Sasse's political beliefs before the board's vote.

In the end however, Lemasters approved the board's decision to elect Sasse, thus now leading to calls for her job as well.

“I want to start by thanking you for, throughout this process, your candor and just your willingness to listen to not only me but to the concerns and the desires of the students for the next president,” she told Sasse during a hearing before the vote. She added that he would have to climb a "hill of trust," with the University's students.

Florida's student senate issued a formal resolution arguing that Lemasters' vote constituted malfeasance. Florida's Student Body Vice President Daniel Badell condemned Lemasters, posting a statement on his Instagram saying that he could not "stand idly by" regarding Sasse's confirmation.


One of the author's of the resolution said they did so because Lemasters was acting selfish by approving Sasse. “She saw it from a perspective that I feel like happened behind closed doors,” Faith Corbett said. “Yes, it is hard to take account for 60,000 students, but I think when you have an active body of students protesting, the least you can do for the student body is abstain.”

Right there is a major problem. There is a mindset that just because someone disagrees with something, then the other person can't continue on with it. Corbett says that Lemasters should have abstained. Why? She is the student body president. She took the matter into consideration and ultimately determined Sasse would be a good fit. Just because Corbett and some others disagree, doesn't mean the process can't move forward. That kind of entitlement, woe-is-me thinking is absolutely crazy.

College is no longer a place where people can learn and share different viewpoints and ideas with one another. It has now become a divisive "you're either with us or against us," place of mob rule. We even saw it with OutKick's own Tomi Lahren needing a police escort after protests erupted at the University of New Mexico.

As far as Lemasters goes, she will next have a hearing where she will have to defend her Sasse decision. The school senate will then need a 3/4th vote of approval to have her step down.

In recent weeks, Sasse has said that he will embrace and respect the student's concerns. He is set to resign from his Senate seat sometime later this year.

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