United States Extends Proof of Vaccination Requirement Into 2023

The United States will continue to require proof of vaccination to enter the country, according to a new TSA release.

This is yet another indication of the Biden administration's incompetence. The continuation of an already failed policy is bewildering given the lack of scientific justification.

This requirement has been in place for nearly a year, and now will extend to at least Jan. 8, 2023.

The administration refuses to accept the reality that vaccinated individuals easily contract and spread the coronavirus.

One paragraph in particular highlights the inaccurate misinformation used to create this offensive, discriminatory policy:

"Together with the Presidential Proclamation and the CDC Order, these policies are intended to limit the risk that COVID-19, including variants of the virus that causes COVID-19, is introduced, transmitted, and spread into and throughout the United States, potentially overwhelming United States healthcare and public health resources, endangering the health and safety of the American people, and threatening the security of our civil aviation system."

There are multiple issues with this statement, but the most obvious is that the CDC's own guidance no longer distinguishes between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals:


The CDC's own stated position contradicts the appeal to authority used to justify this continuation.

There is also no realistic defense for claiming that banning unvaccinated travelers has any effect on the spread of the virus or new variants.

Proof of Vaccination is Indefensible

After the requirement came into effect last year, cases skyrocketed, annihilating previous records.

The Omicron variant spread rapidly throughout fall and winter 2021-2022, despite the forced discrimination.

There never was any justification for requiring proof of vaccination, as it was almost immediately apparent they did not prevent infection.

Highly vaccinated countries such as Singapore saw huge surges in summer 2021. States and counties with high vaccination rates also saw numbers rise dramatically.

Despite that inarguable reality, huge numbers of people have lost their jobs as a result of vaccine mandates.

Banning unvaccinated travelers also has no conceivable public health benefit in 2022. Newly developed boosters designed to specifically target new variants have already failed to prevent infection.

Nearly every major country has also abandoned these requirements. But the United States continues to be a global outlier.

Similarly to the bizarre obsession with ineffective mask mandates, delusional politicians refuse to give up vaccine passports.

If it's too soon to end a policy that conclusively doesn't work, when will they ever let it end?

No matter how much evidence accumulates, the Biden administration continues to ignore science in favor of embarrassing, offensive mandates.