Tiffany Cross Reportedly Threatened To Burn Down MSNBC For Firing Her

MSNBC fired failed weekend host Tiffany Cross earlier this month. And according to the New York Post, Cross learned of her ousting days before the announcement and threatened to “take down” the network.

The report says Cross began frantically calling left-wing journalists and social activists to intimidate MSNBC and company president Rashida Jones.

“ made calls saying, ‘I’m going out in a blaze and I’m taking down the network and going after Rashida,'” a source close to the situation told The Post.

Cross summoning woke activists for help coincides with a recent letter that Jemele Hill and the president of Planned Parenthood signed that ordered the MSNBC president to meet with them to compensate for firing a black woman.

“Given the undeniable rise of fascism and persistent threats to democracy we face in the current moment, NBC should be an unrelenting force for truth and a safe harbor for voices like Ms. Cross as well as those with whom she shared her broad and popular platform,” Hill and the authors wrote.

The progressive activists accuse Rashida Jones of a racist practice for dismissing a black woman. Apparently, a company cannot fire a black woman under any circumstance.

Wait until the signees find out Rashida Jones is also, well, a black woman.

Firing Tiff Cross was far from racially motivated. In fact, the inevitable accusations of racism upon her ousting likely saved her from an earlier booting.

The New York Post spoke to sources inside the building who say Cross had amassed more than $100,000 in expenses for five-star hotel stays. She expensed trips to Los Angeles, the Super Bowl, and other random events as "work trips."

"Cross’ Oscars trip, in which she stayed at the Beverly Wilshire on Rodeo Drive for an 'extended stay,'" says the report.

The former host hurt advertising revenue at MSNBC with her low ratings and took personal trips on the company's dime. Cross thought she was a celebrity, not a weekend host on cable news.

Tiff Cross played a racist on television. That or she is an actual racist. It's unclear what's worse.

Some of her highlights include telling black viewers that local white politicians are trying to “replace” them, calling white women "problematic," using slurs to define Clarence and Ginni Thomas, and referring to Bill Maher as an “angry, white old man.”

One of our personal favorites was Cross citing bi-racial NFL coach Mike McDaniel's handling of Samoan QB Tua Tagovailoa's concussion as proof white coaches are reckless with the safety of black players. That's an all-timer.

Those are the reasons MSNBC finally booted Tiffany Cross out of the building. And why her lackeys plan to make the network atone for not allowing her to continue spewing racism and hate on air.

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