The View Downplays China Spying On United States, Blames Republicans

The ladies on" The View" spent their Monday morning dismissing the Chinese Communist Party spying on us by virtue of a balloon.

Former queen of the show, Whoopi Goldberg, says not to worry about the information China obtained while the U.S. took its time to respond.

"We spy on them. They spy on us," says Goldberg. "We find out stuff. They find out stuff."

No big deal. Next question.

Co-host Ana Navarro wasn't so fast to downplay the CCP balloon. Instead, she accused the media of misunderstanding China's intentions.


Per her expertise, the communist party sought not to spy on the United States, but to create a crisis.

A crisis the Right amplified.

“They wanted this thing to be spotted … Chinese know how to spy. They can do it better. They wanted to create a national crisis — an international crisis, they wanted it to be elevated and be visible and be talked about and they got it,” she says.

" love this. They love that Republicans turned this into this big drama,” adds Navarro.

Non-viewers of "The View" are at a distinct disadvantage in the information category. No show understands spy balloons like these chicks.

Too bad "The View" couldn't have gone live on Saturday to provide a play-by-play account of Joe Biden -- finally -- shooting down the balloon.

Chinese Balloon Was No Big Deal To The View

Nothing to see here, Says Whoopi.

And if there is, don't blame China. Blame the Republicans, says Navarro.

Lead Mean Girl Joy Behar didn't have much to add about the balloon.

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